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Drew Clark Quoted in Communications Daily on Municipal Broadband and Wired West

Drew Clark



In a story from Communications Daily about the progress of WiredWest, the Massachusetts-based municipal broadband effort, reporter Samantha Madison quotes me as follows.

Drew Clark, of counsel to Kirton McConkie, said this is an exciting time because it’s a great implementation of the next phase of what the broadband stimulus efforts were about. States are making their own commitment to get universal access to fiber-to-the-home networks, he said. Clark likens the access to broadband to access to electricity in its early days. Big companies would serve the larger population areas and co-ops and municipalities served the more rural areas, he said. “We may have to have a similar push here,” Clark said. “You're going to have a lot of towns and cities that are not in the core populated areas that are going to be served by a public-private or a fully private solution.” — Samantha Madison

While in speaking with Samantha I might well have said "public-private or a fully private solution," I meant to say "a public-private or fully public solution." The article is titled, "Twelve Communities in Western Mass. on Board for Muni Broadband Project," and appeared on page 6 of the publication on Thursday, May 14, 2015.


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