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Utah’s Fiber-Friendly Infrastructure Puts it at Top of Akamai’s Broadband Speed Rankings

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Broadband Breakfast Insight: Fiber is prevalent in the Utah broadband marketplace, both because of Google Fiber, and because of the Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency. This helps push the speed upward on the state's connection speeds.->

Utah Internet Speed #2 in the Country and #3 in the World - Utah Broadband Outreach Center

Utah is tied for the #2 ranking in the country for top average Internet connection speeds, according to Akamai Technologies’ Third Quarter 2016 State of the Internet Report.  When compared to the fastest countries in world, Utah’s average connection speeds bests every nation except South Korea.  The state was bumped up three spots from its #5 national ranking in Akamai’s Second Quarter report, beating out the competition from east coast states. Utah is currently the only western state ranking in the top

ten states for average connection speed, with a 21.4 Mbps average speed.  Given Utah’s expansive land area and tough geographic terrain, our competitiveness with small east coast states is a true anomaly.  The state ties for the second spot along with Delaware, with the District of Colombia topping the rankings.

When comparing the speeds of individual states against other nations, Utah’s 13% quarter on quarter gain places the Beehive State in a tie with Delaware for the 3rd fastest globally.  This measure is indicative of Utah’s growing reputation as a tech giant in the global economy.


Source: Utah Internet Speed #2 in the Country and #3 in the World - Utah Broadband Outreach Center


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