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In Charlotte, Fiber to the Home Builds by Google, AT&T Still Require Cleanup

Broadband Breakfast Staff



Broadband Breakfast Insight: This article in the Charlotte Observer highlights the fact that, even when people want fiber, there are inevitably logistical and infrastructure challenges that need to be managed in a fiber-to-the-home build. Both Google Fiber and AT&T are impacted by the problem.

Busted water mains are the biggest problem for Google and AT&T contractors, but this figure doesn’t include damage to private property.

As contractors increasingly dig around Charlotte to install super-fast AT&T and Google Fiber broadband networks, claims are piling up for broken water mains, cracked streets and other damage to city property.

Since July 2015, the city of Charlotte has sent contractors more than $688,000 in repair bills, with the number of claims spiking in recent months, according to an Observer analysis of city data. The city made 41 claims in January, the most in the 19 months covered by the analysis.

Contractors working for Google Fiber had the most claims against them, totaling more than $493,000. AT&T and contractor Ansco & Associates, which does work for AT&T, had claims of about $195,000.


Source: What’s the repair bill for Google Fiber, AT&T damage?


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