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An Examination of the Wealth Disparities in Neighborhoods Served by AT&T’s Fiber Deployment

Broadband Breakfast Staff



A new report from the Haas Institute raises the question that's been lurking behind the important-to-significant fiber rollouts over the past decade by Verizon, Google and AT&T: Are these providers cherry-picking their neighborhoods? This report drills deeply into AT&T's deployment. ||

Digital Divide in California, by the Haas Institute:

Californians need high-speed broadband—it is an essential conduit for opportunity, shaping access to education, employment, health services, and other spheres of life. Internet speed matters. More than half of all Internet traffic is now data-rich video, requiring higher capacity networks. All-fiber networks capable of delivering gigabit speeds have become the global standard for Internet connectivity.

In a first-ever analysis, "AT&T's Digital Divide in California" looks at the deployment of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service in California by the largest telecom company in the state. The findings show that the early deployment of the company’s “gigapower” all-fiber service is concentrated in wealthier communities, relegating lower-income neighborhoods to less advanced technologies that offer markedly slower speeds.


Source: Digital Divide in California | Haas Institute


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