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The Need for Digital Inclusion in the Silicon Slopes Area of Utah

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BROADBAND BREAKFAST INSIGHT: Even in areas where information technology is booming, like Utah, it's important to consider the impact that the adoption of broadband technology will have on those who are "less connected." A look at how Digital Inclusion applies in Utah. ||

Increasing Digital Inclusion In Utah: 'The more the tech community understands digital inclusion and the barriers causing digital inequality, the more powerful their support will be,' from Silicon Slopes:

Utah is experiencing a tech boom , but the effects of that boom are not spread equally. While Utah boasts a very Internet-connected community, and high paying tech jobs, many Utahns do not have the same access and opportunities; there is much work to do in digital inclusion.

Digital inclusion is a broad term that refers to access, knowledge and skills, and opportunity to utilize technology tools including hardware, software and the Internet.

Frequently, we hear the term Digital Divide. But according to Angela Siefer, the Director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, “There are multiple Digital Divides, including home access, data caps, devices and digital literacy. And, we will never close the digital divides. The goals within each digital divide keep moving. As technology changes, the goals move.”


Source: Increasing Digital Inclusion In Utah – Silicon Slopes

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