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The Net Neutrality Battle Now Continues on Only Two Fronts: At the FCC and in Congress

Broadband Breakfast Staff



BROADBAND BREAKFAST INSIGHT: Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s take on this may seem inconsistent, but from his perspective, anything that preserves FCC authority will help him preserve his (pending) rule to overturn the reclassification of broadband as a Title II service. Now the contest continues on only two front – the FCC and Congress ||

D.C. Court Denies Open Internet Decision Re-hearing, from Multichannel News:

The  U.S. Court of Appeals has denied a full-court rehearing of the decision upholding the FCC’s Title II reclassification of Internet access service, a reclassification new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is planning to reverse anyway.

ISPs and others had asked the full court to reverse the three-judge panel decision that the FCC had reasonably defended its decision to reclassify ISPs as common carriers. The three judges that had made that decision were Judges David Tatel (who was on the panel that rejected the previous net-neutrality rules), Sri Srinivasan, and Senior Judge Stephen Williams.

The court cited the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking–approved last week–in denying the en banc review, which courts rarely grant anyway.


Source: D.C. Court Denies Open Internet Decision Re-hearing | Multichannel


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