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Why Silicon Valley is the New Washington, D.C.

Broadband Breakfast Staff



BROADBAND BREAKFAST INSIGHT: An example of the convergence of the Washington and Silicon Valley elites, in the form of technology and broadband taking over (at least one portion of) our world. ||

Campaign and White House veterans who in years past would have turned their resumes & connections into cushy jobs are headed west to work in tech, from the LA Times:

A graying man — once the baby-faced press wrangler for Sen. Barack Obama’s nascent presidential campaign — nursed an absinthe cocktail as he mingled near a former spokesman for President George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection bid.

Nearby, one of Sen. John McCain’s most aggressive public advocates in his 2008 presidential campaign huddled with a man who spent the last several years as former President Bill Clinton’s liaison with the public.

The scene could have taken place over oysters at the Old Ebbitt Grill, a mainstay for politicos in the nation’s capital. But it unfolded in an exposed-brick bar in the South of Market district of San Francisco as veterans of President Obama’s administration who launched a marketing and communications firm in the nation’s capital celebrated the opening of their West Coast office. Like many veterans of high-profile campaigns in recent months, they had been drawn west by the opportunities in Silicon Valley.


Source: Silicon Valley is 'officially a retirement community for D.C. political vets' - LA Times


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