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Net Neutrality

The Verge Highlights Possible Instance of Net Neutrality Violations by Verizon Wireless

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BROADBAND BREAKFAST INSIGHT: We'll look forward to further clarification about this issue from Verizon. This appears to be one documented instance of a network provider attempting to slow down video of a non-optimized service. Or in other words, a prime suspect of the need for some kind of net neutrality rules.

Netflix speeds on Verizon Wireless appear to be capped for some customers | Netflix says it’s not responsible for the arbitrary speed cap, by the Verge

With net neutrality fresh on the minds of many in the United States, it seems that the data speeds at which Verizon Wireless customers can stream Netflix videos have quietly been capped in some instances. A tipster directed The Verge to this Reddit thread, where numerous users have reported that they’re unable to reach download speeds any faster than around 10Mbps when connecting to Netflix as well as, a speed test tool that’s powered by Netflix’s servers. The Verge has reached out to both Verizon and Netflix for comment. A Netflix spokesperson replied “We are definitely not capping data on our end and don’t cap data for any mobile networks.”

I’m a Verizon customer myself (on the current unlimited data plan) and my own tests seem to confirm that something is going on. When running a test, I’m hovering between 5Mbps and 10Mbps and never see anything higher. Jumping over to Ookla’s Speed Test tool, I’m getting more typical and faster rates of around 40Mbps. Users at Howard Forums are also experiencing the cap, with some claiming that it’s being applied to YouTube in addition to just Netflix.

The vast majority of Verizon Wireless customers would be unlikely to notice problems or experience any interruptions with a speed cap of 10Mbps for Netflix. That’s more than sufficient for smooth, full HD 1080p video playback. Trying to stream 4K video would lead to issues, but no one’s really watching 4K on their phones yet.


Source: Netflix speeds on Verizon Wireless appear to be capped for some customers - The Verge


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