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FCC Chairman Appoints New Head to Its Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

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WASHINGTON, September 15, 2017 — Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai on Thursday announced the appointment of wireless broadband advocate L. Elizabeth Bowles to lead the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee.

“[Bowles] has made great contributions to the BDAC and its working groups already, and she brings to the table a combination of talents and expertise that will serve her well in this new role,” Pai said in a statement. “I thank her in advance for her leadership of the BDAC as it develops recommendations to accelerate broadband deployment and close the digital divide.”

Bowles, who is President of Aristotle, Inc., an Arkansas-based digital strategy firm, is a former board member of the Wireless Internet Service Provider Association.

WISPA legislative committee Chairman Jimmy Carr praised Bowles’ appointment to head the BDAC, and congratulated her in a statement. “Elizabeth is a consensus builder who will bring valuable perspective to advance the important objective of delivering connectivity to all Americans,” he said.

The Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee was formed by Pai shortly after being nominated as Chairman by President Trump, and will spend the next two years offering advice and recommendations to the FCC on how to speed up the deployment of broadband Internet access across the United States.

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