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Pushing Advanced Applications to the Edge With Deeper Fiber

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BROADBAND BREAKFAST INSIGHT: The future of broadband communication will involve advanced and low-latency applications, all delivered over symmetrical fiber or 5G wireless networks. To get there, we need computing and storage at the edge, and fiber deeper into the neighborhoods.

Edge deployment strategy dependent on 5G use case being served, from RCR Wireless

Whether it’s autonomous driving, AR/VR-type applications or myriad data-intensive smart city initiatives, moving compute, storage and processing power closer to the network edge will be key to delivering on 5G use cases. That was the message from Alicia Abella, AT&T VP of Advanced Technology Realization, during the Fog World Congress event this week.

“In order to achieve some of the latency requirements of these [5G] services, you’re going to need to be closer to the edge. Especially when looking at say the autonomous vehicle where you have mission critical safety requirements. When we think about the edge, we’re looking at being able to serve these low latency requirements for the application.”

She listed a number of benefits to operators that can be derived from edge computing:


Source: AT&T: Edge computing is key to 5G use cases


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