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Wireless Gigabit Broadband Provider Siklu Addresses High-Speed Access

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BROADBAND BREAKFAST INSIGHT: Siklu, which has been active in promoting the way high-speed wireless gigabit access can help communities leverage fiber-optic infrastructure, assembles a useful primer on its technology and business case for deployment.

Providing 21th Century Broadband with Fixed Wireless Gigabit, from Siklu:

There are close to 126 million households in the US, out of which 106 million have some form of broadband. FCC reports have found that about three-quarters of the country’s developed census blocks lack any high-speed broadband choice.

Moreover, only a very small fraction of those households has access to 21th century broadband above 100 Mbps which is required to empower users with the emerging applications in the connected home including 4K and 8K televisions, virtual reality, IoT, and the proliferation of user devices. In other words, homes are rapidly becoming high density wireless environments which require way beyond 25 Mbps connectivity.

The next generation of mobile telecommunications systems, IMT-2020 (commonly known as 5G), has yet to be standardised. However, much progress has already been made in developing 5G specifications. In addition to mobile broadband, 5G will also enable fixed wireless broadband, delivering gigabit throughput to a variety of end users without the need for costly fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) installations.


Source: Providing 21th Century Broadband with Fixed Wireless Gigabit - Siklu


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