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Geoffrey Starks Will Likely Fill Shoes of Mignon Clyburn at FCC

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BROADBAND BREAKFAST INSIGHT: The traditional pairing of one Republican and one Democrat for Federal Communications Commission spots may not apply in this case because, with the departure of Mignon Clyburn on May 10, the agency is currently experiences a 3-1 margin of Republican governance.

Trump grants Democrats’ request for a new FCC commissioner, from Ars Technica

President Donald Trump has nominated Democrat Geoffrey Starks to fill the open seat on the Federal Communications Commission.

FCC Assistant Enforcement Bureau Chief Geoffrey Starks.
Enlarge / FCC Assistant Enforcement Bureau Chief Geoffrey Starks.


If approved by the Senate for a term ending in June 2022, Starks will replace recently departed Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. Republicans will maintain a 3-2 majority led by Chairman Ajit Pai, with Starks and Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel representing the minority party. Trump would not have been allowed to nominate a Republican because US law requires a 3-2 split when the FCC has five members.


Source: Trump grants Democrats’ request for a new FCC commissioner | Ars Technica

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