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News Report on Google Fiber Cites a Lack of Progress in Salt Lake in Provo

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BROADBAND BREAKFAST INSIGHT - Views differ on the extent of Google Fiber progress, or persistence, throughout the country, and particularly here in Utah. I have cousins in both Provo and Salt Lake, each of whom have Google Fiber, each of whom love Google Fiber. And yet reports such as this one highlight the key need to manage expectations about availability in deploying advanced fiber broadband.

Years later, Google Fiber availability still pending in Salt Lake, Utah Counties, from KUTV:

(KUTV) β€” Provo was one of the first cities in the country to become a Google Fiber city. The announcement was made back in April of 2013. But five years later, some in Provo are still waiting for that service β€” and they're not the only Utahns with questions.

Shana Shelton says she's frustrated. She signed up for Google Fiber more than five months ago for her Provo home.

β€œThe reason we went with Google Fiber was because one of our son-in-laws had it when he was a student and loved it and really talked up how modern it is and how fast it is and everything,” she said.


Source: Years later, Google Fiber availability still pending in Salt Lake, Utah Counties | KUTV

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