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California’s Privacy Legislation Will Force Changes in the Way Businesses Collect Personal Information in 2020

Drew Clark



BROADBAND BREAKFAST INSIGHT: We’ve written about the California Consumer Privacy Act before in “European and Chinese Pressures are Squeezing Silicon Valley, Threatening a Global ‘Splinternet’. The fact of multiple states passing significant privacy legislation is one of the potential drivers for federal consideration of substantial privacy rules. Here, attorney Lauren Stickroth catalogs the various aspects of the bill, including: 1. Consumers having the right to know what information is collected about them, 2. Consumers having the ability to request compies of personal business records, 3. The deletion of personal information collected about the consumers, 4. An “opt-out” right, 5. Non-discrimination, and 6. The right to litigation.

Another day, another data breach: California’s security regulations to tighten in 2020 The California Consumer Privacy Act will require many businesses to change the way they collect information from consumers. By Lauren Stickroth in the Press-Enterprise:

Equifax, Target, Marriott. Another day, another data breach.

Hacking takes an immense toll on both the company and the consumers. As technology evolves, and businesses continue to collect and use personal information, they must also keep pace with the expanding set of data security regulations.

In 2016, California published its Data Breach Report. The report references 20 controls published by the Center for Internet Security, and calls them the “minimum level of information security that all organizations that collect or maintain personal information should meet.”


Source: Another day, another data breach: California’s security regulations to tighten in 2020 – Press Enterprise

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