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Broadband Breakfast Live Online on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 – The Experience of Infrastructure Investment Funds

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Broadband Breakfast Live Online on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 12 Noon ET - "The Experience of Infrastructure Investment Funds (Topic 2 at Digital Infrastructure Investment on August 10)."

This Broadband Breakfast Live Online session will preview one aspect of the contents of Digital Infrastructure Investment, a Physical/Virtual Event at the Broadband Communities Summit. The conference takes place on Monday, August 10, and the summit runs from August 10-13, in Houston, Texas. In this preview session, our panelists will consider:

Infrastructure financing is available for broadband. Will it dwindle or accelerate with the coronavirus pandemic? What is the experience of institutional investors?

In this session, investment fund managers -- and successful projects deploying such investment -- will talk about the investors, the benchmarks, and the financial returns on digital infrastructure investment.

  • WATCH HERE, or on YouTube. Also available on Twitter and Facebook. Or SUBSCRIBE to the Broadband Breakfast YouTube Channel
  • Chris Perlitz, Managing Director, Municipal Capital Markets Group, Inc.
  • Jase Wilson, Founder and Vice President of Growth at
  • Other guests have been invited
  • Drew Clark (Moderator), Editor and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast

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