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Broadband Breakfast Live Online on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 – Last-Mile Digital Infrastructure

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Broadband Breakfast Live Online on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 12 Noon ET – “Last-Mile Digital Infrastructure (Topic 1 at Digital Infrastructure Investment on August 10).”

For the most up-to-date information about the event, visit our Digital Infrastructure Investment page.

This pathbreaking event brings the broadband infrastructure and financial services communities together to focus on the digital infrastructure and investment asset profile, including fiber, small cells, towers and data center assets required to support a 21st Century information economy.

The annual Digital Infrastructure Investment conference will unite infrastructure investment fund managers, institutional investors, private equity and venture capitalists with senior broadband leaders and bring clarity to the next business model for advanced digital infrastructure.

Digital Infrastructure Investment will take place on August 10, 2020, from 1 p.m. ET to 7 p.m. ET.

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Digital Infrastructure Investment Sponsors

This Broadband Breakfast Live Online session on June 3, 2020, previewed one aspect of the contents of Digital Infrastructure Investment, a Physical/Virtual Event at the Broadband Communities Summit. The conference takes place on Monday, August 10. In this preview session, our panelists considered:

Ownership models are evolving. Who will play the lead role in constructing? What entities, including cities, will own digital assets? Who will managing the network?

In this session, experts on digital infrastructure investment will discuss the emerging open access model, including the pros and cons, both from a technological and financial perspective.

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  • Isak Finér, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, North America, COS Systems
  • Darrell Gentry, CEO, Next Level Networks
  • Roger Timmerman, CEO, UTOPIA Fiber
  • Monica Webb, Director of Market Development and Government Affairs, Ting Internet
  • Drew Clark (Moderator), Editor and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast

Panelist and Moderator Resources

Panelist Bios

Isak Finér is Chief Marketing Officer & VP North America at COS Systems. He has previously worked with business development and sales management at a number of global companies, as well as with sales and market analysis. He holds an MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and has further academic experience within economics and entrepreneurship from Uppsala University, and US universities Stanford and Berkeley.

Darrell Gentry has pioneered the creation of award-winning broadband networks for over 20 years. He founded BroadSpan, an early data CLEC that rolled out DSL service in 5 Midwest states, and NeighborLink, an early wireless ISP focused on rural broadband delivery. He later founded GameRail to accelerate real-time traffic across the internet, a precursor to modern-day SD-WANs.

Roger Timmerman has been serving as UTOPIA Fiber’s Executive Director since 2016 and has been a technology management professional in telecommunications and information technology for over 15 years. Roger has been designing and building networks throughout his career in various roles including Vice President of Engineering for Vivint Wireless, CTO for UTOPIA Fiber, Network Engineer for iProvo, and Network Product Manager for Brigham Young University. Roger earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Information Technology from Brigham Young University.

Monica Webb is the head of market development & strategic partnerships at Ting Internet, working with local stakeholders in existing Ting towns and evaluates existing and prospective gigabit network locations and related business projects. Webb spent her early career working in marketing and management in the financial services industry, where she launched channel marketing platforms that continue to dominate channel strategy in the mutual fund industry today. In 2002, she spearheaded efforts in Massachusetts to create a regional municipal fiber-to-the-premises network in unserved towns.

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