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Digital Infrastructure Investment: Preview Video

Broadband Breakfast Staff



The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated just how dependent we are, as a world, upon high-quality broadband.

Broadband networks are a lifeline — for working, for education, for telemedicine, for dance recitals, for conversations in the public square and simple human connectedness.

We can't solve all the problems of COVID-19 at our Digital Infrastructure Investment conference on August 10. But we can address this essential fact: Our world needs better broadband networks. How are we going to get them?

Digital Infrastructure Investment, brought to you by Broadband Breakfast and sponsored by SiFi Networks and UTOPIA Fiber, is a pathbreaking joining of the infrastructure and financial services communities.

We'll be talking about last-mile fiber, small cell and 5G wireless deployments — and the finances necessary to bring advanced networks and services to more places.

We start with this premise: Digital assets in the 2020s may no longer be built and financed by incumbent and vertically-integrated telecom monopolies.

Digital Infrastructure Investment going forward will instead look more like wholesale networks, shared infrastructure, open access, the separation of pipes and services, and universal broadband connectivity.

We’ll hear from industry leaders already showing the way forward, including CityFibre’s Greg Mesch. He’s the CEO of Britain’s third nation-wide digital infrastructure platform. He’ll tell his story — including what it means for the United States.

Join us on August 10 for the beginning of something big, at Digital Infrastructure Investment.


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