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About: The Behavioral Economics Consulting Group, LLC is a full service management consulting firm with particular expertise in market strategy, innovation, and empirically based organizational development. Founded in 2003 by Dr. Sara Wedeman, BECG's approach draws not only on her 25 years of experience in consulting, research and clinical practice, but also on that of fellow 'explorers' in the nascent fields of economic psychology and behavioral economics.
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Articles written by Sara Wedeman:

    The Journey of a Million Miles Begins With Basic Broadband Research

    Broadband Data, Expert Opinion February 3rd, 2010

    PHILADELPHIA, Penn., February 3, 2010 – Investment in broadband infrastructure, most believe, is essential to our nation’s future economic health.

    In an information economy, the race is to the swift: those who can quickly access more, better information will innovate, communicate, and transact at a far greater rate than those who cannot. That’s how the argument goes. As our nation prepares to invest billions in broadband infrastructure, it appears that “We the People” have accepted that argument.

    One nagging question remains: is the argument valid?

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