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Rural Utilities Service - page 2, the Mission Small Business Contest, and the Need for Better Broadband

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June 27, 2012 – Small businesses are the livelihood of any thriving economy. Increasingly, these start-up businesses need access to broadband to drive their products and services. has been no exception to this rule. has always been focused on ensuring that the public has access to the information that it needs about the…

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Leveraging Funding from Government Programs, Incentives to Share Information and Faster Broadband Speeds are Key to Maximizing Health IT Broadband

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WASHINGTON, Friday March 23, 2012 – On Tuesday March 20th  federal regulatory administrators, state health and broadband officials and private health IT and technology experts met in Washington to discuss “Maximizing US Health IT and Broadband Investment” at’s monthly breakfast and panel discussion.  In the session, the speakers agreed that there is both humanitarian and…

Keep Reading Hosts Broadband Breakfast Club Event ‘Maximizing US Health IT and Broadband Investments’ Tuesday, March 20th, in Washington, DC

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WASHINGTON, Friday, March 16th, 2012 – The internet policy news and events service will hold its March 2012 Broadband Breakfast Club event “Maximizing US Health IT and Broadband Investments” on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 at Clyde’s of Gallery Place, 707 7th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 from 8 am – 10 am. American and…

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Driving Energy Smart Grid Innovation through Broadband

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WASHINGTON, Wednesday November 15, 2011 – November’s breakfast and panel discussion drew a packed crowd Tuesday morning as industry lawyers, lobbyists and experts filed into Clyde’s to hear from the Whitehouse, telecoms, energy management companies and utilities about the challenges and efficiencies that lies ahead with “The Smart Grid and Broadband.”

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“The Smart Grid and Broadband” from

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“The Smart Grid and Broadband” from

Nick Sinai, Senior Advisor to White House’s Chief Technology Officer gave the opening remarks at the breakfast.  Sinai focused on what the Obama administration is doing to support, secure and modernize the energy system for the country.  He noted that although the current grid has expanded, it is fundamentally still an analog grid and has been that way since the beginning of the 20th century.

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Broadband Infrastructure to Rural Areas is on the Move at the Broadband Breakfast Club

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WASHINGTON, October 21, 2011 – Rural broadband providers, national union members, federal agency officials and state broadband administrators squared off on Tuesday at the Broadband Breakfast Club’s keynote and panel presentations on “Bringing Broadband Infrastructure to Rural Areas: Where is the Progress?”

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Highlights from “Bringing Broadband Infrastructure to Rural Areas: Where is the Progress?” from

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“Bringing Broadband Infrastructure to Rural Areas: Where is the Progress?” from

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Senate Hears ‘Consensus Framework’ Proposal and Concerns for Universal Service Reform

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Thursday October 13th 2011 – As gears up for our panel on “Bringing Broadband Infrastructure to Rural Areas: Where is the Progress?” we have been taking some notes on the FCC’s efforts to reform the Universal Service Fund and listened in on Wednesday’s Senate Commerce Hearing on “Universal Service Reform – Bringing Broadband to…

Keep Reading Hosts Broadband Breakfast Club Event “Bringing Broadband Infrastructure to Rural Areas: Where is the Progress?” Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 in Washington, DC

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WASHINGTON, Thursday, October 13th, 2011 – The internet and intellectual property policy news and events service will hold its October 2011 Broadband Breakfast Club event: “Bringing Broadband Infrastructure to Rural Areas: Where is the Progress?” on Tuesday, October 18th 2011 at Clyde’s of Gallery Place, 707 7th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 from 8…

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Obama’s Third Generation of Broadband Policy and the Universal Broadband Imperative

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WASHINGTON, August 22, 2011 – The beauty of the internet has always been the disconnection of content and infrastructure.

Landline phone service was a one-to-one medium. It required the phone company’s infrastructure of wires and switches and telephones. Broadcast television was one-to-many. It relied upon the towers and transmitters of the broadcasters, plus a standard-issue television.

Let alone the fact that today we largely watch televisions connected to wires, and largely talk into mobile phones untethered to Ma Bell’s cords. There is the wealth of many-to-many communication through the multiplicity of applications that make the internet what it is today.

None of this, of course, is new – until one considers Washington’s subsidization schemes.

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House Restores Funding to Broadband Loan Program

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WASHINGTON June 17, 2011 – In a 221-198 vote, the House voted on Thursday to approve an amendment to the Agriculture appropriations act, would will reinstate funding for the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) to continue the Broadband Loan Program.

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Dems Slam Broadband Stimulus Oversight Measure As ‘Waste Of Time’

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WASHINGTON, April 4, 2011 – The House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology held a hearing and passed draft legislation Friday that would require unused and returned broadband stimulus funds be returned to the U.S. Treasury, but subcommittee Democrats called the bill “duplicative” of policies already in place.

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Strickling Addresses NTCA Legislative and Policy Conference

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WASHINGTON March 22, 2011-The National Telecommunications Cooperative Association, a rural telecommunications association, kicked off their Legislative and Policy Conference Monday with a speech by National Telecommunications and Information Administration Administrator Lawrence Strickling.

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Vilsack Announces $518 Million in Broadband Grants

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WASHINGTON, September 13, 2010 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced 43 new broadband grants across 27 states. Overall, these grants will receive $518 million in government funding and $34.1 million in private investment.

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Commerce, Agriculture Departments Announce $1.8 Billion in New Broadband Grants

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WASHINGTON, August 18, 2010 – The departments of Agriculture and Commerce announced a new set of broadband grants totaling $1.8 billion across 37 states. The 94 projects announced include the first satellite projects under this grant system.

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New Mexico to Receive $74.4 Million in Broadband Grants

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WASHINGTON, August 16, 2010- New Mexico entities received a $10.6 million broadband stimulus grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and support for a $63.8 million project from the Rural Utilities Service of the Department of Agriculture.

The NTIA grant will be given to North Central New Mexico Economic Development District to deploy a middle-mile project across three counties and five tribal areas. The project will directly serve 123 community anchor institutions, 19,227 homes and 1,332 businesses. “Middle mile” projects aim to expand the availability of broadband interconnections to companies and organizations that offer service to end-users.

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GAO: Broadband Oversight Agencies Face Risks Due to Lack of Resources

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WASHINGTON, August 9, 2010 – The National Telecommunications and Information Administration and Rural Utilities Service are doing a pretty good job awarding broadband stimulus funding, although both agencies face risks as the Sept. 30 deadline nears for doling out the money.

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TDS Wins 39 of 46 DSL Projects

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WASHINGTON August 5, 2010- Wednesday’s announcement by the Department of Agriculture included 44 DSL projects, of which 39 were given to a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems (TDS).

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Final Broadband Grant Schedule Published

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WASHINGTON August 4, 2010-With only 60 days left to disperse the remaining $4 billion in stimulus funding the departments of Commerce and Agriculture have released a schedule of disbursement.

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USDA Official Testifies on Broadband

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WASHINGTON, July 21, 2010 – Dallas Tonsager, Under Secretary for Rural Development with the US Department of Agriculture, spoke to the House Subcommittee on Rural Development, Biotechnology, Specialty Crops, and Foreign Agriculture yesterday on the topic of rural initiatives. One of the topics Tonsager covered was the issue of rural broadband adoption, which he praised for its effectiveness.

“[Our] projects will serve approximately 600,000 rural households, 102,000 businesses and nearly 5,000 anchor institutions,” Tonsager said.

Tonsager was accompanied by Rural Utilities Service Director Jonathan Adelstein, who did not deliver a statement.

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Trade Groups Urge Senate to Fully Fund Broadband

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WASHINGTON July 15, 2010- The National Association of Telecommunications and Advisors (NATOA) and the National Association of Counties have sent a letter to Senators Reid, Durbin, Inouye, Rockefeller and Kerry urging them to prevent the House from rescinding broadband funding.

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USDA Holds Workshop for BIP Grant Recipients

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WASHINGTON, June 22, 2010 – The United States Department of Agriculture convened a workshop today for recipients of the Broadband Initiative Program (BIP), economic development experts, and USDA officials in Dallas last week. The workshop was keynoted by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who made arguments suggesting that the Initiative Program would improve health care, education and increased economic opportunities in rural areas.

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Broadband Issues Echo Electrification Debate of Decades Ago

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WASHINGTON, June 15, 2010 – Today’s broadband expansion throughout the United States faces similar challenges to wiring the nation with electricity decades ago, and the nation’s businesses, consumers and government must work together to tap into the resources that high-speed internet access offers, said one of the nation’s top expert on rural broadband at a panel discussion.

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Small Town’s Telecom Drama Continues: Municipal Utility Sues Cable Group For Discriminatory Access To Programming

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NEW YORK, June 10, 2010 – A long-running feud between a municipal utility in Lafayette, La. and Cox Communications appears to have revived itself Wednesday when LUS Fiber filed a lawsuit against the National Cable Television Cooperative. LUS Fiber charges that the cable group is unfairly denying it membership, thus depriving the Lafayette utility from millions of dollars in savings when buying television programming.

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Secretary Vilsack Touts Efforts Made by RUS

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WASHINGTON, June 9, 2010 –The US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS) has just released a report that outlines the first round of Broadband Initiatives Program grants from the stimulus package last year.

During a conference call with the press USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack stated that more than $1 billion has been awarded to 68 projects in 31 states. In these 68 investments, broadband service was brought to approximately 530,000 residents, 93,000 businesses, and 3,300 anchor institutions, such as schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community centers.

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Rural Utilities Service Administrator Jonathan Adelstein at June 15 Broadband Breakfast Club

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WASHINGTON, June 9, 2010 – announced that Jonathan S. Adelstein, Administrator of RUS will keynote its June 15th Broadband Breakfast Club event, “Challenges to Rural Broadband Availability and Adoption.” Registration for the event is available at

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RUS Director Adelstein Interviewed by CSPAN

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WASHINGTON, June 8, 2010 –Jonathan Adelstein, Director of the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), recently sat down for an interview with C-SPAN’s “The Communicators” series. The interview covered a wide range of topics, mostly concerning the role of the Rural Utilities Service in bringing broadband access to previously inaccessible areas through grants and loans.

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