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Breakfast Media Minute

Breakfast Media Minute: July 10, 2020


Free Speech9 hours ago

Online Speech Has Harmful Effects on Both Individuals and Society, According to Mary Anne Franks

House of Representatives9 hours ago

Pandemic Has Created an Environment for Consumer Fraud, Say Congressional Leaders

Cybersecurity1 day ago

Metrics and Automation Can Improve Federal Cybersecurity Measures

Spectrum1 day ago

Federal Communications Commission Must Reconsider Ligado Offer, Says Former Commissioner

Broadband Roundup1 day ago

Georgia’s State-led Mapping Initiative, D.C. Has Fastest Mobile Speeds, Coalition to Fight Digital Divide

Artificial Intelligence1 day ago

Algorithms Can Assist With the ‘Infodemic’, But Have Limitations, Says Center for Data Innovation

Section 2302 days ago

Section 230 is Essential and Broadly Misunderstood, Say Panelists at Broadband Breakfast Live Online Event

Artificial Intelligence2 days ago

Contact Tracing App Can Assist in Reopening Localities Safely, According to AI Task Force Panelists

Breakfast Media Minute2 days ago

Breakfast Media Minute: July 9, 2020

5G2 days ago

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg Describes 5G-to-the-Home Vision, Claiming U.S. Leads in 5G Deployment

Broadband Roundup2 days ago

Funds for Online Learning During Pandemic, Tech and Black Lives Matter Protests, Infrastructure in Massachusetts

Breakfast Media Minute3 days ago

Breakfast Media Minute: July 8, 2020

Section 2303 days ago

Parler, Gab, and Section 230: Right-Leaning Social Networks Push Alternative to Twitter and Facebook

Digital Inclusion3 days ago

Lack of Affordable Internet Disproportionately Impacts Minority Communities, Says Commissioner Geoffrey Starks

Social Media3 days ago

Social Media Self-Regulation Has Failed, Say New America Panelists

China3 days ago

Huawei is a Serial Intellectual Property Thief, Says FBI Director Christopher Wray

Broadband Roundup3 days ago

5G Design Raises Privacy Concerns, OneWeb to Receive $1 Billion, Streaming Prices Raising

Social Media3 days ago

Political Right Relies on Division and Distraction to Maintain Working Class Support, Say New America Panelists

Breakfast Media Minute4 days ago

Breakfast Media Minute: July 7, 2020

Federal Agencies4 days ago

Supreme Court Upholds Act Banning Robocalls For Debt Collectors and Political Consultants

Broadband Roundup4 days ago

Global Divisions Over 5G, Zuckerberg Says Advertisers Will Return, Lifeline Program Underutilized

Section 2304 days ago

Content Moderation Experts Discuss Future of Section 230 in Broadband Breakfast Live Online Event

Breakfast Media Minute5 days ago

Breakfast Media Minute: July 6, 2020

Spectrum1 week ago

CBRS Crucial Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Says ConnectX

Congress1 week ago

EARN IT Act, Impacting Section 230, Advances in Senate with New Encryption Amendment

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

Reactions to Moving Forward Act, Increasing Platform Competition, Service Providers Keeping Americans Connected

Free Speech1 week ago

Examples of Governments Protecting Free Speech are Many, says German Marshall Fund

Breakfast Media Minute1 week ago

Breakfast Media Minute: July 2, 2020

International1 week ago

Government Accountability Explains Differing Pandemic Responses

Artificial Intelligence1 week ago

U.S. State Department Employing Artificial Intelligence Against COVID-19 Misinformation

Big Tech1 week ago

Tech Market Has Many Opportunities for Smaller Companies, Says New America

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

Stricter Content Moderation, Legislation for Broadband Initiatives, Recommendations for Absentee Voting

Innovation1 week ago

Telecommunication Industry Working Group Aims to End Robocalls Through Cryptographic Credentials

Breakfast Media Minute1 week ago

Breakfast Media Minute: July 1, 2020

Rural1 week ago

House Majority Whip James Clyburn Calls for Closing Broadband’s Rural Digital Divide

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

Artificial Intelligence Task Force, State Cybersecurity, ADTRAN Offers Rural Funding Guidance

Digital Inclusion1 week ago

‘Disconnection Day’ Looms as a Flouted ‘Keep Americans Connected’ Pledge Expires

Infrastructure1 week ago

Michigan Broadband Cooperative Calls Report Saying Municipal Broadband Has an Unfair Advantage ‘Laughable’

Breakfast Media Minute2 weeks ago

Breakfast Media Minute: June 30, 2020

Congress2 weeks ago

House Republicans Say New Infrastructure Bill Will Be ‘Dead on Arrival’ In the Senate