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Smart Cities1 day ago

Smart Cities Connect to Hold 2020 Global Event Honoring 50 Smart Projects

Broadband Mapping & Data2 days ago

Broadband Roundup: More on the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, 5G National Advocacy, and Policy Hackers

NTIA3 days ago

Panelists on NTIA Broadband Webinar Say Smart Buildings Boost Civic Resiliency and Public Health

Senate3 days ago

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Subject of Debate at Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on the Future

Privacy and Security4 days ago

FTC Settlement with YouTube Has Creators Upset and Worried About FTC Approach to Children’s Privacy

Artificial Intelligence4 days ago

Government Needs to Step Up and Regulate AI Algorithms, Argue Authors at Brookings Institution

FCC Workshops4 days ago

Indian Tribes Will Have Six-Month Window of Opportunity to Apply for Former EBS Spectrum at 2.5 GigaHertz

Antitrust1 week ago

Panelists at CES 2020 Disagree About Both the Problem and the Solution in Tackling Big Tech

Broadband's Impact1 week ago

Lack of Broadband Access Remains a Significant Obstacle for Farmers Seeking to Use Digital Technology

Smart Cities1 week ago

Panelists at CES 2020 Consider Crucial Role of Public Safety in Smart City Infrastructure

Section 2301 week ago

Section 230 Immunity Isn’t Popular in Many Places. But at CES 2020, Techies Huddle and Applaud the Law

Broadband Mapping & Data1 week ago

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Announces Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, Highlighting 25 Mbps Download Speed Requirement

Innovation1 week ago

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Announces AV 4.0, a New Set of Federal Principles for Self-Driving Cars

Social Media1 week ago

House Democrats Grill Facebook Witness, Tech Officials on Social Media Disinformation

Privacy and Security1 week ago

Federal Trade Commission Chair Joseph Simons Talks Competition, Seeks Modern Privacy and Consumer Protection Statue

5G2 weeks ago

At CES 2020, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Touts Role of 5G, Unlicensed Spectrum

Open Access3 weeks ago

UTOPIA Fiber: A Model Open-Access Network

5G1 month ago

Broadband Roundup: House Democrats Criticize FCC on T-Mobile Merger, Kansas City Broadband, 5G in LA

FCC1 month ago

FCC Takes Two Actions Promoting Spectrum Sharing, Also Implements 988 as Suicide Hotline

FCC1 month ago

Telephony Industry Rises to the Challenge of Robocalls, With Legislation, Regulation and Enforcement Close Behind

Broadband Mapping & Data1 month ago

Lifeline Remains the Best Method for Connecting All Americans, Says FCC’s Geoffrey Starks

Smart Cities1 month ago

Connectivity and Mobility Are Key Pillars of Metropolitan Development, Say Congresswomen at Smart City Event

Privacy and Security1 month ago

Lawmakers, Prosecutors and Big Tech Companies Spar at Senate Hearing Over Unlocking Encryption

Antitrust1 month ago

Advocates for Antitrust Enforcement Say Consumer Welfare Standard Only One Layer of Competition Law

Senate1 month ago

In Law More Than a Year, MOBILE Now Advocates Say Act Requires Further Implementation for 5G Deployment

Antitrust2 months ago

Broadband Roundup: Texas Reaches T-Mobile Settlement, Closing the ‘Homework Gap,’ Broadcast Ownership

Open Access2 months ago

UTOPIA Fiber Announces Completion of Latest Round of Funding, a $48 Million Network Expansion

China2 months ago

Prakash Sangam: China’s Huawei Clones Are Greater Threat to National Security than Huawei

Privacy and Security2 months ago

The California Consumer Privacy Act Lets People Know What Information is Collected, But Can’t Stop It

Broadband Roundup2 months ago

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Announces Public Auction of C-Band, Connecticut Peels Back Broadband Barriers

China2 months ago

Commerce Department Extends Huawei Temporary General License For 90 Days

Antitrust2 months ago

T-Mobile’s Acquisition of Sprint Passes Federal Muster, But 16 States Press On in Opposition

Broadband Roundup2 months ago

Comcast Touts 100 Gigabit Service, SHLB Seeks Reconsideration on Telehealth, Senate Clears Emergency Communications

FCC2 months ago

As Next Year’s C-Band Auction Looms, FCC Officials Reflect on Innovation in Spectrum Auctions

Artificial Intelligence2 months ago

Problems of Lack of Transparency Pervade Issues of Algorithms in Artificial Intelligence

Broadband Roundup2 months ago

New Hampshire Plans a Broadband System, Microsoft on Californian Privacy, and Google Collects Medical Data

Privacy and Security2 months ago

As Technology Enables Employer Mass-Surveillance, Activists Say Current Privacy Laws Benefit the Wealthy

Open Access2 months ago

UTOPIA Fiber Announces Partnerships with Morgan, Utah, Idaho Falls, and Other Cities

Education2 months ago

State Educational Technology Officials Say Better Broadband Necessary for Pedagogy and Equity

Broadband Roundup2 months ago

Ajit Pai Discusses 5G in Geopolitical Context, TIA on 5G Supply Chain, Benton Institute’s Vision for 2020s