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Cable From U.S. Embassy In Beijing Reveals U.S. Perspective on Trade Relationship

For all of the tough talk coming out of Congress as the United States and China embark on a high profile trade summit today, a confidential memo sent by U.S. Ambassador Jon M. Huntsman at the beginning of 2010 illustrates how the fortunes of the two countries have changed in modern times, and how the leadership of the United States is scrambling for innovative ways to readjust as its economic clout fades. Keep Reading


NCTA & Free Press Letter to Senate on Broadband Stimulus Discussion

WASHINGTON, February 4, 2009 - The top cable industry lobbyist and the policy director of a non-profit advocacy organization on Wednesday urged the Senate to target broadband funds toward the "construction of robust facilities in unserved areas. The broader objective should be to use scarce resources judiciously to maximize and modernize the reach of our network infrastructure." Keep Reading

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