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About Broadband Breakfast

Broadband Breakfast is a unique media company. We began as a voice in the wilderness advocating for higher-capacity internet everywhere. Our rallying cry is “Better Broadband, Better Lives.” As the coronavirus pandemic makes painfully clear, Better Broadband is vital: We need it now more than ever.

Broadband Breakfast is also an inclusive media community. We don’t take sides on controversies around fiber or wireless, net neutrality or open internet orders, privacy rules or changes to Section 230. We bring people together through the Broadband Breakfast Club and online. Our news coverage and our events are topical, timely and smart.

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What is Better Broadband, Better Lives?

It begins with high-capacity fiber and wireless. It’s about finding creative solutions to “last mile” challenges. It requires understanding federal, state and local broadband policies. It happens with private and public financing for digital infrastructure investment.

But Broadband Breakfast isn’t just feeds and speeds. For more than 12 years, Broadband Breakfast has explained, clearly and crisply, why broadband matters. What is broadband’s impact on education, health, teleworking and civic connectedness in a time of social distancing?

Whether you’re trying to understand or influence broadband policy and internet technology, Broadband Breakfast is your partner in Washington.

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