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Baby’s Got Back, but Does America Got Net?

Broadband Updates, Broadband's Impact, Net Neutrality July 15th, 2010

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2010 – The Open Internet Coalition is trying to bolster its cause with America’s Got Net, a user-generated video contest open to small businesses, non-profits and individuals to create short videos to tell policymakers in Washington what the future of the “open internet” means to them.

Citizens Must Embrace and Benefit from Technology Revolution, FCC Told

Broadband's Impact, FCC, National Broadband Plan August 7th, 2009

WASHINGTON, August 7, 2009 – The technology revolution will fundamentally change and improve the way that citizens and government interact, but that change must embrace everyone to accomplish its goals, public officials and policy experts agreed Thursday.

Day Two at Personal Democracy Forum: What Happens After 'Reboot'?

Expert Opinion June 24th, 2008

NEW YORK, June 24 – “What happens next?” is the question Andrew Rasiej used to start off the Tuesday morning panel discussion at the Personal Democracy Forum here.

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