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The NTIA seeks to digest and react to the 1,700 comments and questions filed with the agency. It plans to issue final rules within two months. Sorting through broadband’s impact upon residential and commercial development will be discussed at Broadband Properties in Dallas, beginning April 27. Weekly Report April 20th 2009

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Nearly 1,700 comments and questions were filed with the NTIA in the broadband grant program: hundreds were substantive documents. The NTIA, RUS and the FCC now enter an extensive evaluation phase, with rules for the stimulus funds expected to emerge within the next two months. Weekly Report April 13th 2009

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The Federal Communications Commission officially unveiled a proposal for a national broadband plan. Meanwhile, commenters worked to finish filings for the NTIA/RUS broadband grant program, due April 13. And states continue their efforts to serve as the de facto coordinator of broadband applications. Weekly Report April 6th 2009

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What’s the biggest broadband need: better infrastructure, or greater adoption? Different world-views on America’s broadband challenge emerged at two Washington-area conferences this past week. Meanwhile, less than one week remains before comments on broadband grants are due at the NTIA and the FCC.

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