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Verizon Tweaks Data Policies in Anticipation of iPhone Launch

Mobile Broadband, Wireless February 3rd, 2011

WASHINGTON, February 3, 2011 – Verizon announced Thursday two major changes to its wireless internet policies that will allow the carrier to handle a higher volume of traffic only days before the launch of the Verizon-compatible iPhone.

In order to “provide customers the best experience,” the carrier announced it would begin throttling wireless internet connections to customers with the highest data use and would send leaner traffic across its network.

Net Neutrality Comments: Skype Supports Open Internet Rules

Net Neutrality Comments January 15th, 2010

WASHINGTON, January 15, 2010 – Skype is in support of net neutrality and wants the Federal Communications Commission to implement the open intenet rules. They are in the unique position of having their service directly affected by internet service providers that infringe on the rights of their customers.

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