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Spectrum Bill and Broadband Breakfast Pre Holiday Wrap Up

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WASHINGTON December 14, 2011 – The FCC, the Hill and the Telecom industry has been busy over the last couple of weeks. Here is a wrap-up of the most important events. House Passes Spectrum Auction Incentive Bill After a 234-193 vote, the House Payroll Tax Extension Bill incorporated the full version of the Republican Incentive…

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Cable’s move into Mobile: Calculated and Deliberate

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If you believe Cable Operators are not thinking about Mobile Networks and what kind of synergies could bring them increased cash-flow in the future, then you’ve probably missed the obvious signs laid out since 2008.

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Panelists Ponder Whether, ‘If We Build It, They Will Come?

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WASHINGTON, June 23, 2010 – The last panel discussion of the Broadband for America conference discussed the promotion of broadband adoption. Several of the panelists cited the statistic that 37% of the population that has access to the internet does not use it even though approximately 94% of Americans have access of some kind.

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Cisco Systems Partners With Grid Net, Linking WiMax to the Smart Grid

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WASHINGTON, March 26, 2010 – On Friday, Cisco Systems announced a partnership with Grid Net, a smart meter company that employs WiMax Technology to send data about electricity usage back to utility companies. Grid Net has also garnered with ClearWire, Motorola, Intel, and General Electric. With the investment by Cisco, Grid Net is poised to become the leader in smart meters in America.

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FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s Incredible Silicon Valley Wi-Fi Adventure

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SAN JOSE, November 6 – It was Kevin Martin’s day to suck up praise from Silicon Valley. The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission – for about two more months – came to the Wireless Communications Association’s annual conference here on Thursday to be feted by many Googlers, including company co-founder Larry Page.

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