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FCC Finds VoIP Subscribership Growing While Broadband Adoption Stagnates

Broadband Data, Broadband's Impact, FCC March 22nd, 2011

WASHINGTON March 22,2011 – The Federal Communications Commission released its annual Local Telephone Competition and Broadband Deployment reports on Monday which show the rapid growth of Voice over IP and the stagnation of broadband adoption.

FCC to Publish International Broadband Data Report

Broadband Data, FCC, International July 22nd, 2010

WASHINGTON July 22, 2010- Buried within the recent Broadband Deployment Report was the announcement that the Federal Communications Commission will publish a separate report comparing broadband services in the United States to the rest of the world. Section 1303 requires the commission include an international comparison in the annual report to congress but the commission has decided to separate the international section.

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