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FCC Launches Social Network for 'Crowd-Sourcing' Ideas for National Broadband Plan

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WASHINGTON, September 11, 2009 – The Federal Communications Commission continues to expand its social networking efforts. On Friday, the agency launched a crowd-sourcing platform, Ideascale, at

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A Crowdsourced National Broadband Census: The Time is Now!

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WASHINGTON, July 19, 2009 – Carl Malamud’s talking on O’Reilly’s Radar about the need for a national broadband census. One of the things that has been doing since our launch, in January 2008, is to provide a crowdsourced, public and transparent collection of data about local broadband Speeds, Prices, Availability, Reliability and Competition. We call this the Broadband ‘SPARC.’

Keep Reading Applies for Knight News Challenge Grant to Enhance Data, Build Out Wiki and Offer Video

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WASHINGTON, November 1 – applied on Saturday for a News Challenge grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The application, which can be viewed online at the web site, lays out a plan of action for the future work of this web site.

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Beset by Large Rural Areas, Arizona Aims to Blend Broadband Data Sources

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October 15 – Arizona is on the road to a state broadband policy, but officials recognize that “the opportunity for states to use ubiquitous broadband deployment as a competitive differentiator is quickly passing.” The officials are determined to go beyond market forces in their quest for broadband buildout.

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Proprietary Data Cited as Challenge for Broadband Mapping

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WASHINGTON, September 26 – State and federal government programs to develop maps of broadband service availability at a granular level must overcome objections by carriers to revealing what they view as proprietary information, although carriers may actually find the resulting maps beneficial, panelists at the Broadband Census for America Conference said today.

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Aspen Review: Questions Posed by the Expanding Participation of a Many-to-Many Age

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August 21 – It’s worthwhile to step back and examine the so-called digital revolution with an eye towards the future of innovation after the Progress and Freedom Foundation’s summit in Aspen, Colorado. What were the essential questions asked by the summit discussants? What are possible answers?

Keep Reading Joins with One Web Day: Learn About Your Internet Options and Take the Census

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WASHINGTON, August 19 – is pleased to support One Web Day on September 22, 2008. We join with One Web Day in helping you learn about your internet options and take the broadband census. Doing so will allow all of us to better understand the true state of broadband competition in our communities, our states, our country and our world.

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Comments of in FCC Rulemaking on Broadband Data

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Regulatory Filing WASHINGTON, July 18 – Because the importance of conducting a national Broadband Census that includes consumer-focused information about broadband competition, broadband speeds and broadband prices, this week urged the Federal Communications Commission to disclose broadband information with the public.

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