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Dick Lynch

Fiber at the Federal Communications Commission: Broadband Speeds Are Key

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WASHINGTON, November 19, 2009 – Broadband speeds are important because technologies such as multi-way high definition video communication require next generation services to run, Benoit Felten of the Yankee Group said during a Federal Communications Commission meeting Thursday.

Felten said he expects in the next few years there will be many more offerings of 100 megabytes or higher broadband service that homes can subscribe to for reasonable prices, but currently this speed can only be found mainly in parts of the European Union or Asia. Felten, who was one of many experts the FCC had outline the specifics of broadband technology, focused his talk on fiber deployments around the world.

Other speakers discussed fiber distribution topology, fiber distribution technology, and hybrid fiber solutions where fiber to the neighborhood is delivered to the end-user by non-fiber methods. Speakers outlined their current experience with certain fiber networks and anticipated improvements on the technology front.

David Isenberg, senior advisor for the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, provided the introductory remarks. Presenters included Dick Lynch of Verizon, Tim Nulty of ECFiber, Herman Wagter of Citynet Amsterdam, David Reed with CableLabs, Johan Henæs of INS Communications, among others.

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