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Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Digital Age Public Interest Group Proposes Reforms To Copyright Law

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Public Knowledge, a consumer public interest group in Washington, D.C., re-iterated its proposals Friday to modernize copyright law in connection with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic at the University of California.

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Judge Bans Hacker From Disseminating PlayStation Unlocking Code

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SAN FRANCISCO, January 27, 2011 — Prize-winning science student and renowned hacker George Hotz was temporarily banned Wednesday from disseminating code that allows PlayStation 3 owners to run software that wasn’t authorized by Sony.

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Corning's Fendley Joins NCTA's McSlarrow and Windhausen to Discuss Government-Funded Broadband

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WASHINGTON, October 22 – Stan Fendley, the director of legislative and regulatory policy for Corning, Inc., has joined the roster of speakers for’s next big event: the Tuesday, November 18 meeting of the Broadband Breakfast Club.

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