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U.S., EU At Odds Over Proposed Oracle Merger With Sun

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WASHINGTON, November 10, 2009 – The United States and European Union antitrust regulatory bodies are at odds over whether Oracle Corporation should be allowed to go through with its proposed acquisition of Sun Microsystems. While the U.S. has not found any issues with the proposed merger, the EU has been putting on the breaks. On Monday, the European Commission issued a statement of objections concerning the acquisition of Sun by Oracle and the deal’s potentially negative effects on competition in the database products market.

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The Week in Review: Whither Transparency?

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WASHINGTON, August 3, 2009 – Less than two weeks remain before the first round of applications are due in the federal government’s broadband stimulus grants. The key issues facing the government can be summed up in three words: data, data and data.

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In the Coming Battle over Net Neutrality, Bell Companies Prefer the FCC to the FTC

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August 11 – Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain is preparing to launch a new telecom and technology agency, in which he’s pushing for the Federal Trade Commission — and not the Federal Communications Commission — to be the key internet enforcement agency.

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