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Economic Progress in India Depends Upon Rural Telecommunications

Broadband Stimulus July 3rd, 2008

WASHINGTON, July 2 – In order for India’s phenomenal economic success to continue, telecommunications must be extended into rural areas, an Indian expert said during a Wednesday discussion about the growing economic clout of India.

Net Neutrality Disagreement Between Two Former FCC Chairmen

Net Neutrality June 10th, 2008

Network Neutrality was the key sticking point in a Tuesday presidential debate, by proxy, between two former chairmen of the Federal Communications Commission chairmen: Reed Hundt and Michael Powell.

McCain Proposes Technology Tax Credit for Small Business

Broadband's Impact June 10th, 2008

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain said Tuesday that he would propose and sign into law measures to permit the tax deductibility of new information technology equipment.

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