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Federal Communication Commission

Set-Top-Box Revisited: How does the Gateway solution increase competition?

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The FCC seems determined in revisiting and repairing the current CableCard rules fiasco in which it chose to mandate a universal Set-Top-Box for Cable, Telco, and DBS providers. Where does a solution lie, and is the FCC going down another road of improbable acceptance?

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European Analysts Laud U.S. Broadband Plan, But Question Goals

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LONDON, March 23, 2010 – European reaction to the new U.S. broadband plan has been mixed, ranging from high praise to dismissal as a flawed catch-up exercise.

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Comcast vs. FCC: Implications in throttling BitTorrent

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Comcast is appealing a ruling before a three-judge appeals court panel concerning the FCC’s sanctions in 2008 of the operator, and whether it has jurisdiction under current Net Neutrality rules to do so, for what has become known throughout the media as past throttling of BitTorrent. See FCC formally rules Comcast’s throttling of […]

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Cable industry: at a Cross-Roads

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Cable providers are looking at a cross-roads with the current climate brought on by a new political landscape, a Democratic Congress, with an FCC mandated to change the future of broadband, and a public viewed skepticism of the Cable Industry. This adds up to significant changes which might threaten the status-quo of annual rate […]

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