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Hawaii Wins $35.9 Million in BTOP Funds

Broadband Updates, Broadband's Impact, Education, NTIA, States September 13th, 2010

WASHINGTON, September 13, 2010 – Hawaii has won broadband grants worth $35.9 million. The funds largely will be distributed to the University of Hawaii system.

Hawaii Rejects Smart-Grid Technology

Smart Grid August 2nd, 2010

WASHINGTON, August 2, 2010 – Regulators in the state of Hawaii have recently rejected a $115 million smart grid expansion project.

Hawaii Announces New Mapping Partners

Broadband Data, Broadband Mapping, States June 7th, 2010

WASHINGTON, June 7, 2010 – Early last year, Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs was given a $1.9 million grant for its mapping initative. Rather than conduct all of the mapping internally, the DCA has chosen to partner with the New America Foundation, the University of Hawaii and BroadMap.

ZeroDivide Looks for Broadband Grant Partnerships

Broadband Stimulus, NTIA July 31st, 2009

WASHINGTON, July 31, 2009 – ZeroDivide, an investor in community enterprises leveraging technology to help underserved communities, is looking for non-profit partners to apply for broadband monies that are part of the national economic stimulus plan.

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