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U.K. Urges ISPs to Divulge Traffic-Shaping Policies

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LONDON, October 7, 2010 – The U.K. regulator Ofcom has shied away from enforcing network neutrality, but has urged service providers to be more transparent about their traffic shaping policies. There is also pressure for mobile service providers to stop discriminating against specific applications in order to enforce use of their own.

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Cisco Courts Consumers at Home and at Work

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Cisco’s mantra continues to be about networking and collaboration, and that is what it continues to offer consumers and busy executives with an array of products.

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Blockbuster Movies May Boost Emerging 3-D Services

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LONDON, March 31, 2010 – The runaway success of the digitally dazzling movies Avatar and Alice in Wonderland has boosted hopes among satellite and cable television operators that their emerging 3-D services will gain significant traction despite the high cost for the TV set and goggles. However, more 3-D means greater use of already scarce broadband.

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