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Illinois Proposal for Transparent Town Halls

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CHICAGO, January 12, 2009 – Broadband As a Tool for Transparent Town Halls for Responsible Infrastructure Investments of $700 Billion: A proposal of the Community Life Initiative.

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Broadband Stimulus Package Should Include Funding for State Data, Says Massachusetts

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WASHINGTON, January 2, 2009 – Congress and the incoming administration of President Obama should include broadband-related investment in the pending legislation designed to promote economic stimulus, and the federal government needs to begin with better data about broadband availability, said Massachusetts government officials.

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Expert: Telemedicine Could Save $197 Billion, But Only With 'Smart Networks'

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WASHINGTON, October 24 – Broadband-enabled improvements to health care could save $197 billion over 25 years, but only if carriers had the incentives and freedom to deploy so-called “smart networks,” according a study financed by AT&T.

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A First Look at the Democratic Party Platform

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WASHINGTON, August 15 – The principle author of the Democratic Party Platform, Karen Kornbluh, and Barack Obama’s senior foreign policy adviser, Susan Rice, were on-hand today at the New America Foundation’s DC office to discuss the official “Party Platform” policy document released today.

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