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Economists Rebuff Lawmakers’ Letter by Advocating for Network Neutrality

Broadband Updates, Broadband's Impact, FCC, Net Neutrality July 9th, 2010

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2010 – Four economists argued in a letter to the FCC sent Wednesday that the question before the agency was “not whether to impose network neutrality, but whether to eliminate it.”

New Study Suggests Benefits for Net Neutrality Policies

Broadband Updates, Net Neutrality January 14th, 2010

WASHINGTON, January 14, 2010 – Internet service providers and content providers are at a disadvantage since they are not compensated for all of the information they disseminate, and that leads to systematic underinvestment in the Internet, posits a new paper (PDF).

The authors of “Free to Invest: The Economic Benefits of Preserving Network Neutrality” say if that income could be accessed, government policy could help overcome that market failure.

NYU Law School Sponsored Group Pushes Net Neutrality Rules

Net Neutrality December 29th, 2009

WASHINGTON, December 29, 2009 – A New York University School of Law advocacy organization is heavily pushing proposed rules that would regulate internet access to support so-called Net neutrality principles.

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