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Bandwidth: Why Fast Is Important in a Global Economy

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Bandwidth is the basic foundation for Internet traffic as a connector to everything important in our lives. Whether it is basic bandwidth for connecting to family and friends, or a super fast highway for global reach and competitiveness in the business world, bandwidth constitutes the speed at which we connect as a global presence within the expanding sphere of Internet communication.

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Genachowski to Broadband: Reduce Prices, Increase Speeds, Increase Access, Embrace Competition

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Broadband providers are not taking the recent move by the FCC to reclassify broadband under Title II; i.e., put broadband under its regulation arm along with the likes of telephone companies, very lightly and have come out swinging to stop that effort.

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UTOPIA, Perfection or Fantasy: Partnering public-private sectors with broadband

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UTOPIA, billed as providing light-speed to your door while connecting you with friends, family, entertainment, businesses, healthcare, and education, highlights itself as being part of your home, not owned by any network provider.

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The Bottom Line: Court Decision on Comcast Vs FCC

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The implications of the United States Court of Appeals decision to vacate FCC order in Comcast appeal.

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How can Residential Gateways spur Competition?

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In a proposed Network Gateway-NOI and CableCARD NPRM, the commission is seeking input on how to best rework the CableCARD rules to make Set-Top-Boxes more universal in nature and easier for consumers to connect and network throughout the home to any video provider offerings. The question remains; is the FCC suited to take on another attempt to create competition within the Set-Top-Box market? Or should it leave this to market forces?

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Broadband Competition and Pricing: Lessons Providers must Learn

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I believe everyone can agree that Broadband Competition and Pricing are high on their lists of (all things broadband). Yes, consumers and businesses alike want a high quality broadband experience with dynamically fast upload and download speeds, and with seamless and unbridled applications to fill their Christmas wish lists.

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Google: Marrying Advocacy with Initiative

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Google’s entrance into the Broadband ISP arena may have lasting effects within the ISP community.

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The Cable Pipeline Opinion: Net Neutrality’s Conundrum

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The Net Neutrality debate has taken on a conundrum like atmosphere where fear and hysteria rule the argument with proposed future abuses by Internet Service Providers.

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Comcast vs. FCC: Implications in throttling BitTorrent

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Comcast is appealing a ruling before a three-judge appeals court panel concerning the FCC’s sanctions in 2008 of the operator, and whether it has jurisdiction under current Net Neutrality rules to do so, for what has become known throughout the media as past throttling of BitTorrent. See FCC formally rules Comcast’s throttling of […]

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Home Gateways: A Consumers all-in-one Network to Broadband

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Now that the broadband experience is reaching a milestone in bridging the gap between digital content and consumers, we all may soon be accessing our Home Gateways to maximize the experience of downloading and viewing relevant content on TV’s, PC’s, Laptop’s, DVR’s, and Mobile Devices. The term Residential Gateway is not new and has […]

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