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Expert Opinion: Business as Usual Despite Departure of Universal Service Administrative Company CEO

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Although it is the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC” or “Commission”) that is charged with implementing the ambitious universal service policy goals set forth in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (the “Act”), the FCC designated the Universal Service Administrative Company (“USAC”), an independent, not-for-profit corporation, to administer the day-to-day operations of federal universal service. USAC bills…

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Convergence Will Complicate Regulation, Definition of '4G,' State Regulators Told

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WASHINGTON, February 14, 2009 – With $7.2 billion in stimulus funds soon to be available for broadband service – and with the transition to digital television freeing huge swaths of spectrum – wireless communication could be poised for some technological advances. But defining and regulating these challenges may post unique challenges for state regulators

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