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Broadband Key Component of Australian Election

Australia, Fiber, International September 9th, 2010

WASHINGTON, September 9, 2010 – The national broadband network was a key issue in the recent Australian election, with the Parliament evenly split. The Labor and Liberal parties each had 72 seats with two independents.

Australians Refuse to Give NBN Permission to Dig Trenches

Australia, Fiber, International August 2nd, 2010

WASHINGTON August 2, 2010- This month the Australian government began to implement its National Broadband Network but they have faced some minor opposition. In the state of Tasmania nearly half of the residents and businesses have yet to give permission to the government to install fiber connections.

Australian Executive Slams High Cost Estimates for National Broadband Network

International June 30th, 2010

WASHINGTON, June 30, 2010 – In a statement released today, Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) Co-Chief Executive Mike Quigley called recent estimates of the network’s startup cost “nonsense.” While most mainstream estimates of the cost to build Australia’s new network range from $43 billion to $60 billion, Quigley insisted that the actual cost of the network would run closer to $30 billion.

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