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Expert Opinion: Broadband or Bust?: Pike Place Market Meets the Information Superhighway

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The goal of connecting consumers with businesses has remained unchanged for thousands of years. But the manner in which that connection with customers is made evolves with technology, time and culture. Broadband-based e-Commerce is just the latest variation. To understand the challenges that businesses face in developing a more technologically savvy business and the benefits to those that are further along in the process, we surveyed 77 vendors in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, a historic tourist spot and favorite local attraction that attracts 10 million visitors annually.

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FCC Chief Touts Broadband Benefits to Ebay’s Top Sellers

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WASHINGTON, September 17, 2010 – FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski told a group of top sellers on eBay this week that they, more than anyone, know about the importance of broadband to the success of the nation’s economy, jobs and future of small business.

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Latest FCC Broadband Workshop on Impact on Small Business

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The FCC will hold its second workshop on broadband opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses on November 12. The discussion will focus on the availability of financing for the growth and purchase of telecommunications facilities related to broadband technologies. The workshop will also explore capitalization in cable, wireless, TV and radio broadcasting, common carrier facilities, and ancillary services. The first hearing was in August, which discussed whether small and disadvantaged businesses are ready to take advantage of the existing broadband technologies. Attendants can register in advance online.

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McCain Proposes Technology Tax Credit for Small Business

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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain said Tuesday that he would propose and sign into law measures to permit the tax deductibility of new information technology equipment.

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