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Video Content: Movie Theatre’s Still King – Kiosk and Cable Watchers on the Increase

Expert Opinion March 23rd, 2010

According to research performed by Market Force Information, Inc.; (see link at document end), movie watchers still prefer going out to enjoy the Theatre movie experience for various reasons, including:

To Comcast-NBCU CEO’s: Consistency in Message to Regulators a Must

Expert Opinion, Transparency February 6th, 2010

Recent hearings before the House on the proposed merger between Comcast and NBCU drew both accolades and skepticism for regulators on Feb 4, 2010. The skepticism seemed to come from what was perceived as inconsistencies in previous statements by CEO’s Roberts and Zucker from what was being purported in the public meeting.

Fox Vs Time Warner Cable: More Revenues for Fox-Higher Rates for Consumers

Expert Opinion January 1st, 2010

Two giants in the telecommunications industry battle publicly over Retransmission Consent. Both Fox and Time Warner Cable have let cooler heads prevail in their war over money to be doled out in fees to Fox by extending their negotiations beyond the Dec 31, 2009 deadline.
At issue, the Fox owned broadcast networks carried by [...]

Cable industry: at a Cross-Roads

Expert Opinion December 17th, 2009

Cable providers are looking at a cross-roads with the current climate brought on by a new political landscape, a Democratic Congress, with an FCC mandated to change the future of broadband, and a public viewed skepticism of the Cable Industry. This adds up to significant changes which might threaten the status-quo of annual rate [...]

Cable Industry Executive Quotes to Remember in 2009

Expert Opinion, Transparency December 9th, 2009

Why memorable quotes from Cable Industry executives in 2009 seemed either disconnected or a predictor of the future. Judge for yourself whether these quotes have merit or are they seriously off-track with the mainstream. Only time will tell whether these executives have done their homework, or they are just [in-the-moment] statements. As an [...]

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