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Cable’s move into Mobile: Calculated and Deliberate

Expert Opinion, Mobile Broadband, Wireless July 9th, 2010

If you believe Cable Operators are not thinking about Mobile Networks and what kind of synergies could bring them increased cash-flow in the future, then you’ve probably missed the obvious signs laid out since 2008.

Why offering the Quad Play would help Cable’s Stock Price

Broadband Updates, Broadband's Impact, Expert Opinion, Wireless June 15th, 2010

The mobile phone market is growing exponentially and will continue to evolve for years to come. Why has the Cable Industry not moved into the lucrative mobile phone market? It could definitely be a revenue bonanza, as it currently is for telecom companies.

Customer Service: Costs of not doing it well

Expert Opinion February 28th, 2010

It is estimated that poor customer service has cost the Cable/Satellite Industry over $12 billion in lost revenues over the past year, ahead of the financial services industry with more than $10 billion in losses.

Cable Trends: Predicting Stock Value as a Percentage of Division

Expert Opinion January 29th, 2010

Cable industry stocks, like all tech stocks, have seen their ups and downs when it comes to performance. The industry has been through periods of high infrastructure spending, acquisitions and divestitures, increased programming costs, higher retransmission costs, and competitive pressures, each playing its own role in keeping values lower. How do industry revenue streams [...]

In Massachusetts, Governor to Sign $40 Million Broadband Bill Aimed at Spurring Investment

States August 4th, 2008

August 4 – At 10 a.m. this morning, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is scheduled to sign state-wide broadband legislation at the town hall of Goshen, which is about 12 miles northwest of Northhampton and in the Berkshire Mountains.

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