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Apple Goes After For Its Use of “Appstore.”

Intellectual Property, Trademarks March 23rd, 2011

Apple Inc. on Friday sued for trademark infringement when Amazon launched its online ‘app store’ to sell software applications for mobile devices.

Obama Administration Boosts U.S. Patent Office’s 2012 Budget

Intellectual Property, Patents February 15th, 2011

WASHINGTON, February 15, 2011 — Amid talk of making sacrifices and cuts, the Obama Administration’s 2012 budget in contrast proposes to boost the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s budget in 2012 by 16% over 2010 levels to $2.7 billion.

USPTO Approves Apple’s Patent for Cell Phone Parental Controls

Intellectual Property, Patents October 16th, 2010

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has approved a patent application from Apple that would “prevent users from sending or receiving ‘objectionable’ content,” reports the New York Daily News.

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