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Expert Opinion3 days ago

Ron Yokubaitis: GOP Putting Partisanship over Reform with Gigi Sohn’s FCC Nomination

Nominated by President Biden as Federal Communications Commissioner, Sohn understands the real reason net neutrality is necessary.

Funding3 days ago

Digital Equity the Focus at NTIA’s Listening Session on Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act

Attendees questioned how digital equity progress can be measured and how underserved populations are educated on technology use.

Broadband Roundup4 days ago

January 6 Committee Social Media Subpoenas, Iranian Hacks, Google Ad Auctions Lawsuit

Lawmakers chastised the companies for providing little information in response to past committee inquiries.

Privacy4 days ago

Federal Communications Commissioner Starks Seeks to Encourage Democratic Principles Online

The commissioner noted the peril democracy and citizen privacy finds themselves in around the world.

Expert Opinion4 days ago

Christopher Mitchell: Treasury Department Rescue Plan Act Rules Improve Broadband Funding

The Treasury Department has resolved all of the concerns that the Institute for Local Self Reliance identified in May.

International4 days ago

Global Collaboration Important for Long-term Resolution on Supply Chain Concerns

America and Europe are working together to address supply chain concerns.

Claude Aiken and Drew Clark sitting in chairs Claude Aiken and Drew Clark sitting in chairs
Infrastructure4 days ago

Infrastructure Money Must Go to Better Networks — Even If in Areas with Existing Infrastructure

Some are warning that federal infrastructure money should not go toward subsidizing old networks.

Broadband Roundup5 days ago

Digital Literacy Legislation, Scott Woods Interview, Kim Kardashian Crypto Scam

Brenda Lawrence, a democratic representative from Michigan, introduced new legislation that will help measure the nation’s digital literacy.

Tribal Broadband5 days ago

Alaska Predicted to Receive a Majority of Tribal Broadband Funds

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held Wednesday hearing exploring broadband investments in Tribal communities.

Innovation6 days ago

ITIF’s Atkinson Urges Strategic Policies for U.S. Technological Superiority

Panelists argued that the federal government needs to institute policies for growth in strategic technology industries.

Broadband's Impact6 days ago

CES 2022: Public-Private Partnerships Key to Building Smart Cities, Tech leaders Say

Public-private partnerships will increase the community benefit of infrastructure projects, leaders at Qualcomm and Verizon said.

Broadband Roundup6 days ago

Facebook Objection Dismissed, Glo Fiber Expanding, Utopia’s Timmerman Advocates Gigi Sohn

A judge dismissed Facebook's objection to the FTC's investigation into the company's alleged anticompetitive practices.

#broadbandlive6 days ago

Broadband Breakfast for Lunch on February 9, 2022 — Harnessing Cryptocurrency

Broadband Breakfast returns to being the “go to” gathering place for broadband policy and internet technology in Washington.

#broadbandlive6 days ago

Broadband Breakfast on February 2, 2022 — Groundhog Day Special on Broadband Mapping (Part 1)

Mapping will play an essential role in the success of the IIJA.

#broadbandlive6 days ago

Broadband Breakfast on January 26, 2022 — AI’s Impact on Media, Law, Finance and Government

AI is transforming law, finance and government.

#broadbandlive6 days ago

Broadband Breakfast on January 19, 2022 — State Broadband Officials and the Broadband Infrastructure Surge

State officials will play a crucial role in IIJA implementation.

Funding6 days ago

Senate Confirms Davidson as National Telecommunications and Information Administration Chief

Bipartisan vote confirms Davidson atop the Commerce Department agency. It has a large pile of money to spend on broadband.

Free Speech6 days ago

Former GOP Congressman and UK MP Highlight Dangers of Disinformation and Urge Regulation

Will Hurd and Member of Parliament Damien Collins say disinformation on social media platforms a worry in midterm elections.

Rep. Debbie Shultz Rep. Debbie Shultz
Cybersecurity6 days ago

Congress Must Avoid ‘Overly Prescriptive’ Incident Reporting To Avoid Missing Larger Cyberattacks

Too many reports could burden federal officials, said the executive director of the Alliance for Digital Innovation.

Innovation6 days ago

CES 2022: More Multi-Dwelling Units Adopting Smart Home Devices

The smart home industry is seeing continued growth, smart home experts said.

Blockchain6 days ago

CES 2022: Cryptocurrency Leaders Press Benefits as Uncertain Over Regional Clampdowns Looms

Regional crackdowns raise questions about the stability of cryptocurrencies.

Expert Opinion7 days ago

Tony Thakur: Bandwidth Consumption, 5G and Rural Coverage Will Drive Fiber in 2022

In the coming year, fiber-optic infrastructure will needed to manage and offer increases in bandwidth capacity.

Broadband Roundup7 days ago

Atlantic Broadband Now Breezeline, Emergency Connectivity Fund Money, CCIA Criticizes Online Marketplace Bill

Atlantic Broadband has rebranded as Breezeline after expanding in the country.

Innovation1 week ago

CES 2022: Food Insecurity Entrepreneurs Recommend Robotics for Crop Monitoring

The innovators say collecting data on growing conditions is key to securing global food supplies.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

Affordable Connectivity Program Rules, 5G ‘Buffer Zones’, Low-Cost Broadband Enrollment

The FCC’s proposed rules would establish the requirements for households to be eligible for the new device subsidy program.

Antitrust1 week ago

CES 2022: Patreon Policy Director Says Antitrust Regulators Need More Resources

To find the best way to regulate technology, antitrust regulators need more tools to maintain fairness in the digital economy.

Funding1 week ago

CES 2022: Multiple U.S. Senators Highlight Rollout of Biden Infrastructure Bill as a Top 2022 Tech Priority

Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Shelley Moore Capito listed infrastructure fund disbursement among their foremost focuses for the coming year.

Funding1 week ago

Treasury Department’s Final Rule Uses Less Restrictive Language to Qualify for Broadband Funding

Treasury Department departed from its original proposed rule, granting recipients flexibility on broadband download and upload speeds.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

‘Boogaloo’ Lawsuit Against Facebook, Nokia-Ligado Partnership, Congressmembers Fighting with Google CEO

The sister of a federal officer shot on duty says Facebook knowingly radicalized his killers.

Funding2 weeks ago

Commerce Department’s NTIA Issues Request for Comment on IIJA

Comments are due on February 4, 2022, focused on the infrastructure grants, middle-mile program, and digital equity planning grants.

5G2 weeks ago

CES 2022: 5G, Aviation Crisis a Problem of Federal Coordination, Observers Say

The hope is coordination problems will be relieved when the Senate confirms NTIA head.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

CES 2022: To Merge Physical and Digital Infrastructure, Leaders Need Community Input

A California mayor said her city is thriving by prioritizing community needs in technology and infrastructure projects.

Innovation2 weeks ago

CES 2022: Technology Not Expected to Wholly Replace Aspects of Travel, Marriott President Says

Travel companies and hotels will still depend on humans despite advances in technology.

Artificial Intelligence2 weeks ago

CES 2022: Artificial Intelligence Needs to Resonate with People for Widespread Acceptance

Even though stakeholders may want technologies that yield better results, they may be uncomfortable with artificial intelligence.

Open Access2 weeks ago

UTOPIA Fiber Pushes into Southern Utah

The expansion will bring fiber-to-the-home to residents of two additional Utahn cities.

5G2 weeks ago

CES 2022: Educating Consumers About 5G Will Encourage Wider Adoption

Currently, consumers are not being provided the information they need to make the leap, a consultant said.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Dish Wireless New President, TPI First Broadband Report, Maine Town Challenges Coverage Claims

Dish Wireless has a new president at a critical time in push to become major wireless player in the U.S.

Autonomous Vehicles2 weeks ago

Transportation Expert at CES 2022: Public-Private Partnerships Critical for Autonomous Vehicles

The bottom line reason for state interest in autonomous vehicles is safety, says Utah transportation official.

Section 2302 weeks ago

Greene, Paul Social Media Developments Resurface Section 230 Debate

Five days into the new year and two developments bring Section 230 protections back into focus.

Innovation2 weeks ago

CES 2022: GM Aims for First Delivery of Personal Autonomous Vehicle by Mid-Decade

American automobile manufacturer gunning to be first to market with personal autonomous vehicle.