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Antitrust3 days ago

Experts Say Congress’s New Antitrust Package is Philosophically Flawed and Politically Motivated

Antitrust and technology experts say that Congress's new antitrust package is legally flawed and politically motivated.

Broadband's Impact4 days ago

Congress Must Prioritize Connectivity in Underserved Areas Over Higher Speeds

A House hearing debated the need for broadband and the higher speed thresholds currently before Congress.

Infrastructure4 days ago

Experts Say Transatlantic Partnership is Essential to Secure Supply Chain for 5G Networks

Experts are calling for a transatlantic partnership to protect 5G infrastructure internationally.

Broadband Roundup4 days ago

NTIA Broadband Map, Senators’ Cybersecurity Bill, U.S. and EU Reveal Transatlantic Council

The NTIA unveils new broadband map, a new cybersecurity bill against equipment buys, U.S. and EU partner on tech council.

Broadband's Impact5 days ago

Symmetrical Gigabit Internet Attracting Business, Municipalities Attest

Municipalities are raving about gigabit internet speeds as key to attracting businesses to their cities.

Broadband Roundup5 days ago

Emergency Connectivity Fund Opening Late June, Dish Accepting 5G Signups, NTIA Updates Federal Program Guide

Emergency Connectivity Fund will begin accepting apps June 29, Dish taking 5G signups, NTIA updates fed program guide.

Antitrust5 days ago

Technology Groups Speak Out Against Proposed Antitrust Package

Tech execs have begun to speak out against a new package of proposed antitrust bills in Congress.

Infrastructure6 days ago

Senators Reintroduce Bridge Act With Hope of $40 Billion for Broadband

Three Senators have reintroduced the BRIDGE Act with a proposed $40 billion to expand broadband access across the nation. 

Antitrust6 days ago

Experts Disagree Over Effectiveness of Amy Klobuchar’s Antitrust Bill

Legal and policy experts are split over how effective Klobuchar's proposed antitrust legislation could be.

Broadband Roundup6 days ago

Universal Service Fund Contribution Dip, Letter to Appoint Fifth FCC Commish, Texas Broadband Bill

The USF sees dip in contribution, Biden is urged to appoint fifth FCC commish, Texas broadband office can avoid overbuilding.

Digital Inclusion7 days ago

Senators Reintroduce Bipartisan Digital Equity Act

Sen. Murray re-introduces bi-partisan that would provide grants to states pushing for digital equity.

Education7 days ago

How Gamifying Education is Keeping Students Engaged

Experts sing the praises of gaming in education.

Broadband Roundup7 days ago

New Antitrust Bills, NY’s $15 Broadband Blocked, Trump’s Subpoena to Apple

Congress introduces 5 antitrust bills, a federal judges blocks New York's $15 internet, and Trump secretly subpoenaed Apple in 2018.

Wireless1 week ago

STL Announces Technology Advisory Council to Advance Wireless and Open Networking

Founded in India in 1988, STL has expanded far beyond its historical focus on fiber optics.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

AT&T CEO Says $60-$80 Billion in Federal Dollars Should Suffice to Bridge Digital Divide

John Stankey said the amount would completely cover rural and remote America -- if "done right."

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Auction Date for 3.45 GigaHertz, Pew on State Role in Digital Divide, Cable Broadband Report

FCC sets 3.45 GigaHertz auction date, Pew research on state role in digital divide, and ACA reports broadband progress.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

States Should Be Encouraged to Form Public-Private Partnerships for Federal Broadband Funds

An expert panel convened by US Telecom agreed that public/private telecom partnerships are an effective use of federal broadband funds.

Cybersecurity2 weeks ago

Commerce Department Commits to Funding Solutions to Technology Threats

Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said more funding will go toward cybersecurity concerns.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Biden Revokes Chinese App Ban Order, Chinese Tech Counter Bill Passes Senate, Switch Data Centers

Biden revokes Chinese app ban EO, Senate passes spending bill to counter China, Switch building data centers.

China2 weeks ago

Biden Executive Order on Chinese Investment Restrictions a ‘Policy Misstep,’ Says Huawei Official

A new White House order could further push Huawei and other Chinese firms to be more self-sufficient, executive says.

WISP2 weeks ago

Start Your Own ISP Lowers Barrier to Establishing Wireless Internet Service Providers

Start Your Own ISP founder discusses how WISP technology enables rural communities to access broadband.

5G2 weeks ago

Robert Kubik, John Godfrey and Derek Johnston: After a Decade of Progress, What’s Next for 5G?

A decade after the advent of LTE, the next-generation 5G will be, and already is, a critical resource for Americans.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Lisa Hone to National Economic Council, EBB Enrolls 3.2 Million Homes, Oregon Network, Data Sharing Request

FCC's Lisa Hone appointed to NEC, EBB signs up 3.2 million homes, Oregon finishes network, senators request data sharing.

Big Tech2 weeks ago

Regulating Big Tech with State Laws Could Negatively Impact Customers

State regulation of technology companies could harm consumers, experts say.

Big Tech2 weeks ago

Rosenworcel Says Carr’s Big Tech Proposal for Universal Service Fund ‘Intriguing’

Forcing Big Tech to contribute to the Universal Service Fund is intriguing, but up to Congress, Rosenworcel says.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Executive Order On Chinese Telecom, Twitter Banned In Nigeria, Top Court Rules On Anti-hacking Law

Biden signs order banning investments in 59 Chinese companies, Nigeria bans Twitter, top court rules on hacking.

Education2 weeks ago

Libraries Can Be a Resource for Algorithm Governance and Data Technology 

Nearly a quarter of rural Americans have used some form of telehealth service within the past few years, according to...

Antitrust2 weeks ago

Institute for Technology and Innovation Foundation Panelists Defend Big Tech Against Antitrust Charges

During a panel hosted by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, three expert discussed the effect of antitrust legislation on...

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Nationwide Dig Once Act, Funding for Tribal Broadband, LEO Library with StarLink, WISPA Call to Action 

Rep. Anna Eshoo reintroduces her 'dig once' legislation, Vice President touts Tribal funding, plus a new LEO library.

Infrastructure3 weeks ago

Biden’s Broadband Plan Leaving Unanswered Questions About Funding’s Use, Critics Say

Some fear that there is no real plan to close the digital divide with Biden's new infrastructure proposal.

Broadband Roundup3 weeks ago

Trump Blog Gone, Ericsson’s Private 5G, Microsoft Expanding Airband, And New Windows

Trump's blog is taken down, Ericsson's 5G for industry launches, Microsoft expanding Airband and announcing new Windows.

Cybersecurity3 weeks ago

Continued Funding From Congress Key For Government Cybersecurity, Expert Says

Efforts to shore up the security of government systems will require continued investment from Congress.

Artificial Intelligence3 weeks ago

Deepfakes Could Pose A Threat to National Security, But Experts Are Split On How To Handle It

Experts disagree on the right response to video manipulation -- is more tech or a societal shift the right solution?

Social Media3 weeks ago

Automated Social Media Moderation In Focus Following Allegations Of Censorship

Panelists say they've been censored on social media -- and they point to platforms' auto moderation.

Fiber3 weeks ago

Lower Deployment Costs Could Incent More Fiber Installs, Consultants Say

Consultancy says fiber deployment costs are going down, which could mean more pure fiber plays.

#broadbandlive3 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast Live Online Wednesday June 30, 2021 — Real Estate, 5G and Digital Real Estate Investment Trusts

Nearly a quarter of rural Americans have used some form of telehealth service within the past few years, according to...

#broadbandlive3 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast Live Online Wednesday June 23, 2021 — Roads, Bridges and Broadband: How Physical Infrastructure Impacts Digital Infrastructure

Nearly a quarter of rural Americans have used some form of telehealth service within the past few years, according to...

#broadbandlive3 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast Live Online Wednesday June 16, 2021 — Innovation in Broadband Business Models: Open Access Case Studies

A special session with innovators in open access moderated by Sean Buckley, Associate Editor of Broadband Communities magazine.

#broadbandlive3 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast Live Online Wednesday June 9, 2021 — Investment Implications of a Federal Broadband Infrastructure Bill

Nearly a quarter of rural Americans have used some form of telehealth service within the past few years, according to...

Broadband Roundup3 weeks ago

Biden Broadband Negotiations, INCOMPAS New Campaign, Affordability Over Speed For EarthLink

Biden in meetings on broadband infrastructure, new INCOMPAS campaign, EarthLink focusing on price over speed.