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Broadband Roundup4 hours ago

Appeals Court Affirms FCC’s Spectrum Authority, FTC Privacy Rulemaking, (Root) Beer and Broadband

The Federal Communications Commission's reallocation of intelligent transportation service spectrum was not arbitrary and capricious, the court held.

5G1 day ago

David Flower: 5G and Hyper-Personalization: Too Much of a Good Thing?

5G, IoT and edge computing are giving companies the opportunity to make hyper-personalization even more 'hyper'.

Funding2 days ago

FCC Denies Funding for Two of the Biggest Winners of Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Money

'We are continuing to review the letter and are evaluating our next steps,' LTD said.

Broadband Roundup2 days ago

Grid Broadband Bill, Ting Gets Financing, Finley Engineering Has New CEO

A new bill would provide grants to providers who can quickly build middle-mile infrastructure along existing electrical grid system.

#broadbandlive2 days ago

Broadband Breakfast on August 17, 2022 – Summer of Broadband: Tennessee

In Tennessee, we'll see what the Volunteer state is doing to bring a plan together on broadband policy.

FCC3 days ago

FCC Encouraged to Limit Data Collection on Affordable Connectivity Program, Others Want More

One trade group warns about providers leaving the program if data collection too onerous.

Broadband Roundup3 days ago

FTC Phillips Stepping Down, Chips Act Now Law, Alaskan Entities Getting $50M in Broadband Grants

Phillips told Politico that he is leaving the competition watchdog this fall.

Expert Opinion3 days ago

Johnny Kampis: Democrats Needlessly Push Another Round of Net Neutrality Legislation

The Net Neutrality and Broadband Justice Act may harm the ability of broadband infrastructure to grow.

Broadband Mapping & Data4 days ago

States are Making Their Own Broadband Maps to Challenge the FCC’s Data

With FCC maps promised soon, some states are preparing to possibly challenge them by making their own.

Digital Inclusion4 days ago

Doug Lodder: How to Prevent the Economic Climate from Worsening the Digital Divide

There are government programs created to shrink the digital divide, but not many Americans know what’s out there.

Broadband Roundup4 days ago

Affordable Connectivity Outreach Program, Amazon’s SpaceX Satellite Concerns, Axios Acquired

The establishment of the Affordable Connectivity Outreach Grant Program is intended to bring awareness to the program.

Federal Agencies1 week ago

National Broadband Plan Legislation Introduced in Senate

The strategy would identify gaps and limitations that would hinder coordination across federal broadband programs.

Funding1 week ago

FCC Should Not Increase Rural Program Obligations in Light of New Federal Funding: Meeting Notes

Opponents say increasing coverage and speed obligations of the ACAM program may be unnecessary with new federal broadband money.

Expert Opinion1 week ago

Craig Settles: If You Can’t Give Away Free Internet, Consider Telehealth

Settles suggests tactics for communities to effectively deploy telehealth services while marketing the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

Lumen’s Multi-Gig Service, Dish Continues Drop in Wireless Subs, Wu Not Leaving White House Yet

Lumen's Quantum Fiber will deliver up to 8 Gig symmetrical speeds in certain markets.

Federal Agencies1 week ago

FCC Urged to Address Overbuilding and Broadband Tech Neutrality in Agency Coordination

The FCC should incorporate the mapping data from local governments to avoid overbuilding, ensure technology neutrality.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

LS Networks Gets CEO from Meta, Verizon Upgrading Capacity, Consolidated Boasts More Customers

Randy Brogle was previously working on fiber investments for Facebook parent Meta.

Federal Agencies1 week ago

FCC and NTIA Release Updated Coordination Memorandum

The document includes information about how often the agencies will meet and when they'll get involved in proposed actions.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

Omni Fiber’s First Markets, NTIA Tribal Grants, Nokia Partners with AST for 5G

Omni Fiber was injected with funds from Oak Hill Capital last month.

Funding2 weeks ago

Agriculture Department Announces Fourth Round of ReConnect Funding

The announcement is the second round of ReConnect funding in fiscal year 2022.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Robotexts on the Rise, FCC Nets $103M from Auction Round, Comcast’s No Broadband Growth

As FCC fights robocalls, robotexts are on the rise.

Net Neutrality2 weeks ago

Democrats Seek to Codify Net Neutrality as Fifth FCC Commissioner Hangs

Some say the bill would add heavy regulation that will harm investments and consumers.

Broadband's Impact2 weeks ago

Senate Bill Subsidizing U.S. Semiconductor Production Clears House, Going to White House

Bill aims to strengthen American self-reliance in semiconductor chip production and international competition.

Expert Opinion2 weeks ago

Dave Wright: Shared Relocation Fund Will Make More of Finite Spectrum Resource

'Wireless connectivity is one of the most vital aspects of our digital infrastructure.'

5G2 weeks ago

Optional Security Features for 5G Technology Poses Risks

The next generation wireless technology is being touted as the most secure yet.

#broadbandlive2 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast on August 3, 2022 – How Yellowstone Fiber is Bringing High-Capacity Broadband to Montana

The non-profit Yellowstone Fiber uses a unique business model in the thriving community of Bozeman, Montana, and the surrounding county.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

After Weeks-Long Internet Outage, Detroit Hangs Hope on Publicly-Owned, Privately-Operated Network

Detroit’s Hope Village experienced an internet outage for 45 days in the early days of the pandemic.

Privacy2 weeks ago

Online Protections for Children Bill Passes Committee Despite Concern over FTC Authority

Opposition to a reformed COPPA include the ability of the FTC to enact broad rule-making.

Fiber2 weeks ago

Morgan City Fiber Swap Model Catching On

A small city in Utah has some of the country's highest speeds using a unique model of fiber sharing.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

FTC Sues Meta, USDA Awards $401M for Broadband, Ookla Acquires CellRebel

'Meta in recent years has set its sights on building, and ultimately controlling, a VR ‘metaverse.'

Funding2 weeks ago

Anticipating Launch, Yellowstone Fiber to Seek Federal Funds for Rural Broadband

With service beginning in late September, non-profit fiber ISP aims to serve rural Gallatin County

Funding2 weeks ago

FCC Commits $77M More from Emergency Connectivity Fund

The money is for two new funding rounds to address the 'homework gap.'

Rural2 weeks ago

Appalachian Regional Commission Prepares Communities for Federal Broadband Money

The commission said it is helping communities prepare to apply for some of the $42.5B NTIA BEAD program.

Cybersecurity2 weeks ago

Rep. Swalwell Says App Preference Bill Will Harm National Security

'I just want to limit the ability for any bad actor to get into your device.'

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Semiconductor Bill Moves to House, GUMBO First Round, Brightspeed Fiber Build in Wisconsin

The CHIPS Act had been pushed by officials as a key bill to increase America's self sufficiency on chip manufacturing.

Cybersecurity2 weeks ago

Government Should Incentivize Information Sharing for Ransomware Attacks, Experts Say

'Information sharing between the government and the private sector, while integral to tackling ransomware, is inconsistent.'

Health2 weeks ago

Providers Call for More FCC Telehealth Funding as Demand Grows

'I think obtaining funding from the Universal Service Fund would go a long way.'

Blockchain2 weeks ago

Commodity Futures Chairman Calls for Single Regulator as Crypto Falls and Fraud Rises

'Our guiding principle at the CFTC must be to stop fraud or harmful conduct that harms our markets.'

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Former Google Exec to Cyber Office, Verizon Urges Action on USF, T-Mobile Settles Data Breach Suits

Former Google executive Camille Gloster has been appointed by the White House to its Office of the National Cyber Director.

FCC3 weeks ago

Former Commissioners Commend FCC in Absence of Fifth Commissioner

But there's concern a Senate vote on a fifth FCC commissioner will not happen before midterms.