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FCC11 hours ago

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks Calls for Environmental Sustainability at Summit

Environmental sustainability in telecom has been a key talking point for Starks.

Spectrum14 hours ago

Make More Unlicensed Spectrum Available for Increasing Demand for Wi-Fi Use: Panelists

Conference hears the FCC should seek spectrum bands to open up for unlicensed use.

Funding16 hours ago

Decades-Old Legislation Can Play Supplement to Federal Broadband Infrastructure Money

The Community Reinvestment Act was expanded to include broadband investments in 2016.

Broadband Roundup16 hours ago

Data Export Bill, Chamber of Commerce’s BEAD Issues, Wisconsin Putting $125M for Broadband

A bill would have the Commerce Secretary identify categories of personal data that could harm national security if exported.

Spectrum5 days ago

Agency Leaders Urge Improvements to Spectrum Management

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel advocated for bills that would make better use of spectrum.

Broadband Roundup5 days ago

Fixed-Wireless Behind Fiber, U.S. Broadband Competition, Oregon Broadband Map

Fixed-wireless is hampered by technical issues that make it incomparable to fiber, a report claims.

Funding5 days ago

Researching the Impact of Digital Equity Funding Starts With Community Collaboration

Understanding the funding impact will 'begin with the NTIA’s mandate to work with community partners.'

Broadband's Impact5 days ago

Experts Say Partnerships Key for Downtown City Connectivity

'Simple and regular community engagement is needed.'

Artificial Intelligence6 days ago

FTC Commissioner Says Agency Report on AI for Online Harms Did Not Consult Outside Experts

The FTC released a report that warned about the dangers of AI's use to combat online harms.

Broadband Roundup6 days ago

5G Drone Test, Viaset Step Closer to Inmarsat Buy, Charter Awarded Nearly $50 Million in Kentucky

UScellular and Ericsson tested 5G connected drones for future applications.

Digital Inclusion6 days ago

Samantha Schartman-Cycyk: Three Keys to Building Transformative Broadband Plans

'While the federal government’s infrastructure funding creates unique opportunities, it also exposes challenges that states and tribes must get in...

Privacy7 days ago

Experts Wrangle Over Whether Online Children Protection Legislation Needs Overhaul

'We can’t keep overhauling the regulatory structure.'

Antitrust7 days ago

‘Time is Now’ for Separate Big Tech Regulatory Agency, Public Interest Group Says

'We need to recognize that absolutely the time is now. It is neither too soon nor too late.'

Fiber7 days ago

Google Fiber Says it Welcomes Overbuilding, Competition for Lower Prices and Better Services

Comments were made at the Fiber Connect conference last week.

Broadband Roundup7 days ago

NA Projected to Lead 5G Subs, Internet Society Board Members, Shentel Expands and Hires

'North America is forecast to lead the world in 5G subscription penetration in the next five years.'

Broadband Mapping & Data2 weeks ago

Broadband Mapping Coalition Seeks to Bring Openness Back to Internet Data

The coalition will play a crucial role in broadband data as government implements the largest expenditure of broadband funds.

Privacy2 weeks ago

Expand Online Protections for 17-Year-Olds in Draft Federal Privacy Law, Committee Urged

The draft privacy law includes a provision to enhance privacy protections online for children under 17.

Spectrum2 weeks ago

House Committee Pushes Through Bills to Improve NTIA Spectrum Management

Markup of bills comes after much discussion about federal spectrum management.

Fiber2 weeks ago

Leaders of Broadband Industry Trade Groups Are Bullish on Fiber, With Some Caveats

Fiber networks have a unique capacity to keep broadband prices low for low-income communities, proponents say.

Funding2 weeks ago

BEAD Program Initiative Should Utilize Analysis of Affordable Connectivity Program Enrollment

Analyzing ACP enrollment can help the BEAD program solve the 'persisting gap between deployment and subscription.'

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Bill Targeting Sale of Location Data, Senate Democrats Antitrust Revision, Antitrust Lawsuit Location Bill

A bill introduced by Elizabeth Warren would ban data brokers from selling or transferring location data and health data.

Education2 weeks ago

Fiber Broadband Companies and Consultants Tout Their Work for Social Good

Fiber providers, equipment companies and consultants discussed their work in communities in a session at Fiber Connect

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

States Interested in Infrastructure Money, Dish 5G Available to 20% of Americans, Big Tech Contribution to USF

39 states and territories have submitted letters of intent to participate in the NTIA's Internet for All initiative.

Broadband's Impact2 weeks ago

In the Race to Claim TV Streaming Victory, HBO and Peacock May Eclipse Netflix: Analyst

Peacock and HBO Max named as potential winners by internet and entertainment industry analysis Laura Martin

Health2 weeks ago

States Lagging on Bills to Implement 988 Suicide Hotline Mandate as Deadline Approaches

As of June 7, 20 states have passed legislation to implement the 988 suicide hotline mandate, according to FCC data.

Fiber2 weeks ago

AT&T Says Gigabit Download Speed Demand Continues to Grow

'We’re projecting a 5x increase in data consumption from 2021 to 2025.'

Funding2 weeks ago

States Must Review ISP Capabilities When Awarding Federal Infrastructure Funds

'[State] decision makers in this program need to be careful about who is the qualified and experienced provider.'

Funding2 weeks ago

Private-Public Partnerships Require Trust, Say State Broadband Officers

As federal funding rolls out, states and local communities must consider partnerships with local service providers.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

Sean Gonsalves: New York’s First Bite of the Municipal Broadband Apple

Governor Kathy Hochul announced a $10-million grant award for the state's first foray into municipal broadband.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Terabit-Ready Network, Qualcomm Faces Class Action, Cryptocurrency Companies Block Withdrawals

Netly Fiber said Monday it has completed construction of the nation's first terabit-ready fiber network.

Funding2 weeks ago

States Broadband Offices Outline Plans for Billions in Broadband Funds 

Officials from Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine and New Mexico outline how they are preparing for broadband funding.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Global Tech Competition Bill, AT&T Hits 20 Gbps Symmetrical, Hargray Fiber in Georgia

The American Technology Leadership Act would establish a federal office to monitor U.S. tech competitiveness versus global players.

Fiber2 weeks ago

NTIA Official Acknowledges Clear Preference for Fiber in Infrastructure Deployment Program

Attendance at the fiber show jumped from 2,041 attendees last June to 2,854 registrants as of Friday.

Big Tech2 weeks ago

Young American Views on Social Media Regulation Shaped by Use, Panelists Discuss

A March Gallup and Knight study found young Americans are less concerned about hurtful online discourse.

Infrastructure3 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast Interview With Pinpoint Capital Advisors’ Andrew Semenak

Real convergence has taken hold in the fiber, wireless infrastructure and data center asset class categories.

Funding3 weeks ago

At Oversight Hearing, GOP Senators Press NTIA Chief on Rate Regulation, Net Neutrality

Senators on Thursday said NTIA rules set regulated rates and impose net neutrality requirements.

Infrastructure3 weeks ago

NTIA’s Effort to Dispense Broadband Funds to Municipalities Is Not Without Obstacles

The NTIA's notice of funding opportunity stops short of explicitly endorsing municipal broadband as the preferred model.

Rural3 weeks ago

USDA Considering Drawing on Infrastructure Bill Money as ReConnect Demand Increases

The USDA has been allocated $2 billion from the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act.

Fiber3 weeks ago

Partnership Pitfalls and Best Practices That Municipalities Should Know

Industry experts detailed best practices for approaching public-private partnerships at Mountain Connect 2022.

Broadband Roundup3 weeks ago

China Cyber Concerns, Fiber Broadband Spending Resilient, DZS and Irby Help Get Arkansas Broadband

The FBI, CISA and NSA warned about hackers from the PRC.