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Cybersecurity15 hours ago

Microsoft Executive Calls For Improved Information Sharing Between Governments and Companies

Brad Smith said information sharing is critical for preventative measures against cyberattacks.

Broadband Roundup18 hours ago

More RDOF Money Approved, Blue Ridge Replacing Coax with Fiber, YouTube Premium Growing Slowly

Thirteen additional bidders approved for RDOF, Blue Ridge going full fiber, YouTube Premium growing but trails other streaming apps.

Broadband Data4 days ago

TPRC Conference to Discuss Definition of Section 230, Broadband, Spectrum and China

Broadband Breakfast briefly breaks down the topics to be discussed at the TPRC conference.

Section 2304 days ago

Repealing Section 230 Would be Harmful to the Internet As We Know It, Experts Agree

While some advocate for a tightening of language, other experts believe Section 230 should not be touched.

Big Tech5 days ago

Amy Klobuchar Reiterates Need for Funding Agencies to Handle Big Tech

'These companies know how many resources they [agencies] have,' Klobuchar said.

Broadband's Impact5 days ago

Technology Policy Institute Introduces Data Index to Help Identify Connectivity-Deprived Areas

The Broadband Connectivity Index uses multiple datasets to try to get a better understanding of well- and under-connected areas in...

Broadband Roundup5 days ago

AT&T’s Opens Learning Center in Dallas, Parallel Wireless Expands, AT&T 5G Experiment for National Defense

AT&T's opens first learning center with free broadband, open RAN company Parallel Wireless expands, AT&T testing 5G for maritime use.

Infrastructure5 days ago

Topic 2 at Digital Infrastructure Investment 2021: Last Mile Digital Infrastructure

Topic 2 at DII2021 will consider new ownership models of digital assets. What role will cities and operators play?

Infrastructure6 days ago

Pandemic Possible Inflection Point in States’ Move Away from Restrictions on Community Networks

The number of states restricting municipal broadband networks has dropped during the pandemic.

Social Media6 days ago

Members of Congress Request Facebook Halt ‘Instagram For Kids’ Plan Following Mental Health Research Report

Letter follows Wall Street Journal story that reports Facebook knew about mental health damage Instagram has on teens.

Broadband Roundup6 days ago

Connectivity Bill Introduced, OneWeb Halfway to LEO Launches, USTelecom Announces New VP

Democrats intro device subsidy bill, OneWeb half way to launch goal, Trevor Jones is USTelecom VP of gov. affairs.

China7 days ago

Another Company Joins Diversified in Criticizing FCC for Hytera Blacklist

Expert says the issue is about what Hytera could be compelled to do by the Chinese government.

Broadband Roundup7 days ago

Dish Using IBM AI for 5G Network, ConnectMaine’s New Grants, Intuit Buys Mailchimp, STL Hires Former Ericsson Exec

Dish is partnering with IBM for 5G, ConnectMaine's community broadband grants, Intuit to buy Mailchimp, STL hires Paolo Colella.

Broadband's Impact7 days ago

New Report Recommends Broadening Universal Service Fund to Include Broadband Revenues

A Mattey Consulting report finds broadband revenues can help sustain the fund used to connect rural and low-income Americans.

Infrastructure7 days ago

Topic 1 at Digital Infrastructure Investment 2021: Infrastructure Investment Funds

Topic 1 at DII2021 considers debt and equity financing for digital infrastructure investment.

Expert Opinion1 week ago

Sen. Michael Bennet: Broadband Infrastructure Legislation Follows Colorado Model

Senate-passed legislation for broadband investment inspired by Colorado's experience, says senator.

FTC1 week ago

Biden Looks to Bedoya to Replace Rohit Chopra on FTC, Report Says

Staunch privacy advocate Alvaro Bedoya appears to be Joe Biden's pick for the FTC, Axios reports.

Digital Inclusion1 week ago

Outreach ‘Most Valuable Thing’ for Emergency Broadband Benefit Program: Rosenworcel

FCC Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel said EBB will benefit tremendously from local outreach efforts.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

LightBox’s Broadband Map, Epic Suffers Setback in Apple Case, 2021 Community Broadband Winners

Lightbox publishing new broadband map, Epic Games suffers loss in Apple antitrust case, 2021 Community Broadband Awards announced.

Spectrum2 weeks ago

Dish Requests Temporary Authority to Use 600 MegaHertz Band Licenses for 5G Test in Las Vegas and Denver

Dish said it needs non-contiguous 600 MHz band licenses to test open-RAN 5G network in two markets.

Rural2 weeks ago

Ligado and Competitive Carriers Association Talk Unlocking Broadband Coverage at Lunch Event

Broadband Breakfast, in person and for lunch, heard about the possibilities with spectrum sharing and combining technologies for coverage.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

FCC and FTC Announce Open Meeting Agendas and AT&T Signs Deal with OneWeb

The FCC outlines September meeting agenda, the FTC will review big tech mergers this month, AT&T signs deal with OneWeb.

#broadbandlive2 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 — A ‘Consumer Confidence’ Survey for Broadband

BroadbandNow launches a "consumer confidence" survey.

FCC2 weeks ago

Cable Group NCTA Says Deny Exclusive Multitenant Access, But Not Wiring, Agreements

NCTA said the FCC should deny exclusive access to these buildings, but not exclusive wiring agreements.

China2 weeks ago

Hytera’s Inclusion on FCC’s National Security Blacklist ‘Absurd,’ Client Says

Diversified Communications Group said the FCC flubbed on adding Hytera to blacklist.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Republicans Request Documents on Democrats, Ookla Global Speeds Rising, Arkansas and Windstream Partner

Republicans counter Democrats on document request, Ookla says global speeds rising, Windstream and Arkansas to expand fiber.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

Dutch Pension Fund Manager Buys 16.7% Stake in SiFi, Invests $500M in Open-Access Fiber Networks

SiFi is getting an injection of funds to deliver open fiber to cities.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Comments on Provider Deals in Buildings, AT&T Asks FCC for Midband Screen, Apple Suspends Child Protection Tool

FCC's comment period for ISPs in buildings, AT&T requests screen on spectrum holdings, Apple reverts plan to scan phone images.

Antitrust3 weeks ago

Public Interest Groups Urge Passage of Six Antitrust Bills Targeting Big Tech

Nearly 60 public interest groups signed a letter to House leaders to call a vote on six antitrust bills.

China3 weeks ago

Experts Raise Alarm About China’s App Data Aggregation Potential

The Communist government has access to a vast trove from Chinese-made apps.

Antitrust3 weeks ago

FTC Commissioner Phillips Warns About Shifting Direction of Agency

Noah Phillips voiced concern about the scope and practices of the Biden administration's FTC.

Broadband Roundup3 weeks ago

Dish Buying Gen Mobile, DOJ Asked to Review Alleged Facebook-Google Collusion, STL’s New CEO

Dish wants low-cost prepaid business Gen Mobile, Members of Congress want investigation into Facebook-Google, STL appoints Paul Atkinson.

Expert Opinion3 weeks ago

Shrihari Pandit: States Can Enable Broadband Infrastructure Through Open Access Conduits

By creating open infrastructure systems, states can reduce the barriers to entry and foster increased broadband competition.

Infrastructure3 weeks ago

Citing Flexibility, Broadband Breakfast Panelists Double-Down in Support for Infrastructure Bill

Panel with broadband and wireless industry lobbyists wrestle with need for symmetrical internet, and press for fiber.

Broadband Roundup3 weeks ago

Republicans Threaten Document Demand, Pew Likes Infrastructure Bill Direction, Connected Britain In Person

Republicans threaten companies that comply with Democrats records request, Pew highlights the good in infrastructure bill, Connected Britain in person.

Broadband Mapping & Data3 weeks ago

How Five States Tackled Broadband Expansion During the Pandemic

Broadband Breakfast revisits what some state legislatures did to narrow broadband gaps.

Broadband Roundup3 weeks ago

Texas House Passes Social Media Bill, Adtran’s Big ADVA Buy, Nokia Suspends O-RAN Alliance Affiliation

Texas House passed partisan legislation on social media censorship, Adtran's $931M ADVA buy, Nokia worries about U.S. sanctions via association.

#broadbandlive3 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast on September 1, 2021 — What’s Next for Broadband Infrastructure Legislation?

The bipartisan infrastructure framework faces hurdles before it because law. We'll discuss the process in Congress.

Fiber3 weeks ago

Springfield Considers First Municipal Fiber Network Among New England’s Big Cities

City is yet another in a growing field of municipalities aiming for a municipal fiber network.

Digital Inclusion3 weeks ago

FCC Says 5 Million Households Now Enrolled in Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

The $3.2 billion program provides broadband and device subsidies to eligible low-income households.